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Seattle's My Little Pony Convention!

August 13 - 15, 2021
Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Bellevue, WA

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80s Mocha Sunrise

Featuring Guests of Honor

Nicole Oliver

Princess Celestia

Tabitha St. Germain

Princess Luna

Matt Cowlrick

Dragon Lord Torch

Willa Milner

Dragon Lord Ember

Sam Vincent


Scott McNeil


Chiara Zanni

Daring Do

Ashleigh Ball

Rainbow Dash & Applejack

More Guests of Honor Special Guests

80s Marina

What is Everfree Northwest?

Everfree Northwest is a 3-day all-ages convention for fans of My Little Pony set in beautiful Seattle, Washington. With a Grand Galloping Gala, musical concert, vendors, 24-hour activity rooms, and over 50 hours of events programming, Everfree Northwest has something for everypony!

A group of familes gathering around a narrator. A panel of people speaking on stage. A group of children dancing in a ballroom. A group shot of about 40 volunteers. A shelf full of tabletop games in the game room.

More About EFNW Meet the Mascots

Hyatt Regency Bellevue

For 2021, Everfree Northwest is going to be located at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

Greetings from Beautiful Bellevue

Artist render of the Hyatt Regency

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Special Thanks

Here's to the generous attendees who help make Everfree Northwest possible!

Zoe Fortenberry, Yoshi1990, Yaklyn, Vocal Rhapsody, Vendable Sheik, Velfire, Vayandas, Vanilor, TyrannosaurusVenom, Twisted Shadow, Twilight Sparkle, TuxedoMike, Trizzy, Trinary, TrebleBase, Timothy Hare, thunderclap, Thunder Strike, The Nameless One, The Illustrious Q, The Albinocorn, Tenty, Sun Sage, Stu-art McMoy, Stormy Skies, Stinky Butt Dash, StatManDan, Starry Tiger, Stark Trist, Stargazer Song, Stardust Shimmer, SR Foxley, Squishy Nature, Squalom, Spike, Sparky Showers, Solaris Star, sokesamurai, Snow Thunder, snake8head, Slasher0001, SkullMan, Skrytch, Silver Tail, Shania Mirajkar, Shadow Streak, Shadow Rush, SamuDash, Sage Tanaka, Sage Tanaka, Ruby, Rescue Sunstreak, Red Card, Rebane (Applejuice Pony), Razor Finesse, Rainbow Crash, QuillNSofa, Quillfeather, Princess Celestia, Pr0digy, Pr0digy, Ponycillin, PoniBoi, Peach Hack, Parody, Opium4TmassS, Open Skies, Omnius, Olden Bronie, Oin, Oddopi, Ocean Man, Nozimo, Noteworthy, Noctis of BROyalty, nlaq, Nighthawk, Nemesis, Nebulous, Natty Rose, Nanashi Jones, Mystic Scribe, Moon Bolt, MonsieurZemuya, Monochromatic, MLPMediaFrenzy, Miles Kintner, Midnight's Voice, Midnight Aegis, Mic Check, MasterThief, MasterCode Ace Analyst, Marchie, Lymmy, Lunar Aurora, Love Song, Lost Dreamer, Lord Camembert, Logic Gate, LinuxPony, Lightning, Leo, Lemielan, Lefty, Latent Logic, KyleBusch51Fan2, Kydo Railgun, KT, Kimberlee Whittaker, Katie Omundson, Jordan Palmer, Jim, Jet Setter, Jazzy Nights, Jason H, Jack "Fox" Grayson, Ian Haskell, I work nights, HMXTaylorLee, Heart Felt, Harmony, h2g2guy, GOLDHEART, Genesis Raptus, Fluoride Sting, FishKepr, Firewolfy, Firelight, Fantasma, Fall Fire, Eunos, EthanRocco, Eric Fyola, EnigmaGuard, ElementalElectra, Electro Heart, Electric Heart, ElecManEXE, Eightbit, Earthstar, Dusty Tomes, Dreadnought, Doug, DormantFlame, DJ Pon-L33, Diesel Griffon, DerpyStarlet, DenaBear, deadrose, Dawn Gazer, Data Point, Dargondarkfire, Czar_Yoshi, Craig Gorrell, Cotton Fluff, Cosmic Star, CommissarDerpy, Codex Writer, CoasterBrony, Cloud Gazer, ClickBait, Christopher, Chris, Chopper, Chase, Charles Shelton, CandyFlossDemon, Buggy Code, BugByte, Bryce Meyer, BronyNumber42, Brony Mommy, Brisk Bronco, Bpendragon, BowTiePony, Bookish Delight, Bitera, Batwing Candlewaxxe, BassHitter, Azure Notion, AWildMagikarp, Awaiting Wings, Astatine-210, Aquarist Adam, Applegeek, Annie Mae, Angelpaw, Angel, almightybooda, Allyson Whittaker, algernon97, Alca7raz, ajnrules, Admiral Biscuit, @derp_code, 3dhomejoe