Nicole Dubuc and her OC

We know what you’re thinking– another VIP guest announcement? Already?! Well, ‘tis the season of generosity! Our next guest has quite the skillset as an actress, writer for tv and a book series, and an executive producer. Everfree Northwest is proud to welcome the ever talented Nicole Dubuc to Everfree Northwest 2019!

As a child actress for eleven years, Nicole got her start in the entertainment industry on the other side of the camera. After graduating from Yale University as a pre-med with a degree in English, she returned to California to become an apprentice staff writer on Disney’s girl-power hit, Kim Possible.

Since then, Nicole has written over 150 produced scripts for a wide variety of formats, including musical, books, comics, live-action, feature, television, and even an interactive cruise ship activity. Spanning many genres, some of her credits include Disney’s My Friends Tigger & Pooh, LEGO Elves, and Star Wars Rebels. Nicole co-authored the Ponyville Mysteries series with Michael Vogel under the name “Penumbra Quill.” She co-developed Transformers: Rescue Bots for television and is a seven-time Emmy nominee, as well as a Writers’ Guild Award recipient for her life’s work in animation.

While continuing her work as an actress (most recently on Young Justice: Outsiders), Nicole served as executive producer and story editor on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Rescue Bots Academy for Hasbro. She is currently showrunning The Rocketeer, a series she developed for Disney. But never fear. Despite her daily dealings with cartoon super-villains, Nicole plans to use her powers for good, not evil.

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