Meet the Mascots

Front Page is a reporter for the Everfree Press. She began her newspaper career in 2013, covering the second Everfree Northwest convention event. Since then, she has continued to cover all of Everfree Northwest’s events. In her spare time, Front Page enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and spending time with her two foals. Her cutie mark is, appropriately, a newspaper page.

The teenage daughter of Front Page, Novella is an introvert, a lover of stories, and an aspiring author. Her cutie mark is an open book with a heart. She is often seen using magic to float a book (much easier than trying to hold it with hooves!). She can be moody and distant, but when it comes down to it, she really cares a lot for her family. Who knows, maybe someday she’ll write for the Everfree Press?

Sharp Focus, or “Sharpie” for short, is the son of Front Page. As a young pegasus colt who enjoys living life to the fullest, Sharpie is a creative type that is very curious about the world. His cutie mark is a camera moving into position for the perfect shot. He may just one day have what it takes to be a professional photographer, but until then, he is happy to spend time making memories with his friends and family.

A longtime friend of Front Page, this energetic pony is a barista in the bustling city of Seaddle! As her name implies, she loves waking up early. Mocha is always energetic and full of surprises! She loves keeping active and making friends. In her off time, Mocha enjoys camping in the mountains and hanging out with Front Page and kids. Her cutie mark is an espresso bean, surrounded by bright rays.

A new friend, Marina, is an orca sea pony residing in the waters of the Puget Sound. Marina loves collecting items that have been lost to the ocean by land ponies. She can often be seen breaching the waters near the ferries that travel around the Sound. Lots of ponies think they’re watching her, but she’s really trying to get a closer look at the passengers. Marina is very curious about the world outside the ocean.