Everfree Northwest’s annual writing contest, Scribblefest, was this year changed to SCRIPTFest with a unique challenge to our contestants to write a show-worthy episode script. The winning entry will be read live, on stage, by the show actors who voice the Student Six, Tirek, and Cozy Glow! As you can imagine, this was a difficult contest to judge, and we thank everyone who entered. Writing a script can be a real challenge compared to prose, and though it may be a cliche to say it, you’re all winners just for trying. But, that said, we had to pick only a few. So, without further ado, our 2019 SCRIPTFest awards:

Runner Up: Caitlin “Apple Bottoms” Beam with “For the Sake of Cake.”

“This was a ton of fun to read!” –Vivid Syntax “A strong moral core to the story with spot-on dialog for everyone!” –Xepher “The lead-up to the intro song killed me. OMG!” –Heartshine

Runner Up: Silver Wings with “The Pieces of Harmony.”

“I rather enjoyed this one. There’s believable reasons for the character’s actions, and a “Chekov’s Gun” moment that actually fires.” –Xepher “A very well-executed script… You did a great job of weaving humor into the more serious moments.” –Vivid Syntax

ScriptFest Winner, Dylan Hamilton!

Grand Prize: Dylan “Aquaman” Hamilton with “Glow Up.”

“This whole script was excellent. You weaved an A and a B plot together well, the humor was on-point, and the characters sounded like they do on the show.” –Vivid Syntax “I keep forgetting how much I like Gallus, and this script really plays to his strengths. This piece is great!” –Heartshine “The “lesson” felt properly earned by all involved and I loved the use of song as a plot device. All in all, a great story that has a show-worthy moral!” –Xepher

Congratulations to all three writers! They’ll each receive a printed copy of their script signed by all the show VAs we have as guests. In addition to this, the winning script will be read live during the convention. Thank you all again for your efforts, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at EFNW this year!