( Updated 5/15/2020 )
The safety of all attendees, staff, guests, and vendors at Everfree Northwest continues to be our top priority. Pursuant to this priority, the management of Everfree Northwest 2020 is still closely monitoring the situation surrounding the current outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the United States. All recommendations and orders made by local government and public health officials are being taken into account and followed to the best of our ability.

At this point in time, we still intend to hold Everfree Northwest 2020 on its scheduled dates of August 7-9, 2020. However, this could change at any time. In the interest of transparency, we’d like to share some of our outlook regarding the evolving situation:

Governor Jay Inslee has instituted a 4-phase plan for re-opening Washington State as new cases of COVID-19 begin to wind down. The details of this plan are highlighted in the graphic below:

Infographic describing the 4-Phase approach Washington State is taking to attempt to re-open
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Each phase will last a minimum of three weeks. At the end of those three weeks, the situation will be re-evaluated before the Governor makes a decision to transition the state into the next phase or extend the current phase further. The first phase began on May 5. (For more information, please see this document.)

Several factors will be taken into account to determine if the con can happen this August. But chief among those factors is the timing of the state’s phase transitions. In order for Everfree Northwest to take place, the state must have already begun Phase 4, which allows for gatherings of more than fifty people. Assuming that Washington can stay on schedule, Phase 4 will begin in early July, in time for Everfree Northwest to be held in August. However, the timing of the state’s transition into Phase 4 could be affected by delays at any point along the phase schedule. If the beginning of Phase 4 is pushed back too far, we will have no choice but to cancel Everfree Northwest 2020.

We will be keeping a very close eye on the entire situation, and will be sure to update everyone if any major changes will affect the con. In the event of a cancellation, we will be quick to inform all our prospective attendees, and provide options for those who have already purchased badges and/or hotel rooms.

Despite these challenges, we are still determined to make Everfree Northwest 2020 the best it can possibly be. We know how important this event is to the community, and the trust our attendees place in us to provide an experience that is inviting, fun, and safe is something that we value immensely. Things at Everfree this year will certainly be a little different, but it will still be the incredible weekend that you have come to expect. We stand determined to give it our all.

For now, and unless the possibility of holding the con this year disappears, we continue to look forward to welcoming you to Seattle this August!

Cole “Simul” Daigneault
EFNW 2020
Hannah “Button” King
EFNW 2020