(Updated 08/01/2021)

As of the date of this notice, we are grateful to assure you Everfree Northwest will still be happening on August 13-15th, 2021, in person at the wonderful Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington!

The safety of all of our guests and attendees is our top priority. At present, the CDC, in addition to both Washington State and King County officials, are strongly urging all persons to wear masks or face coverings in indoor public areas, regardless of vaccination status. With this in mind, we have updated our convention policies to protect the health and safety of our community.

All attendees will be required to wear masks or face coverings in convention-controlled areas of the hotel. There will no longer be any exemptions for those who are vaccinated.

In addition to this new mask policy, Everfree Northwest will also be taking the following measures:

  • Increased hand sanitizer stations
  • Sanitization of surfaces in high-touch areas
  • Sanitization of microphones and other equipment between panels
  • Anything else mandated by the hotel or by state and local authorities

If you have any questions regarding how any of these measures will affect the con, please visit our FAQ page here.

We are so excited to see everypony again, and are proud to be able to welcome you back to Everfree Northwest after over two years away. We can confidently say that while it may be a little different this year, it’ll still be the same Everfree you’ve come to know and love!

See you at the con!

Cole “Simul” Daigneault
EFNW 2021
Hannah “Button” King
EFNW 2021