Cosplay Masquerade

Ready to show off your cosplay to the world? Come join the Everfree Northwest 2022 Cosplay Masquerade!

Everfree Cosplay Masquerade Guidelines
  1. To sign up online, please click the link below after reading all the rules. Signing up online is not required but highly encouraged as it will help with pre-judging.
  2. You MUST show up at pre-judging to enter the cosplay masquerade. Please be early or on time – you will line up outside the pre-judging room and enter one at a time (small children may be accompanied by parents and groups may enter together). You will meet one-on-one with our judges who will look at your cosplay and ask you about what you plan to do on stage. If you have signed up online, we will already have your information.
  3. Everfree Northwest is a My Little Pony convention. Cosplays must be of canon characters from any generation of My Little Pony, Equestria Girls or any of the EFNW OCs. Other OCs whether personal or fandom recognized and characters that are not MLP will not be accepted. Crossovers are acceptable as long as the character you are portraying is from the MLP universe – for example, Sailor Pinkie Pie is acceptable; Sailor Moon with pony ears will not pass prejudging.
  4. You must be in a cosplay – it can be handmade, closet cosplay or commissioned (please give credit to the costume creator by telling us who made it). T-shirts or hoodies from a store with pony ears/wings are not cosplay.
  5. We have a limited amount of time which means a limited amount of 60 spaces. If you are chosen to participate in the masquerade, you will receive a number, which will be your placeholder in line. Please start lining up at least 10 minutes prior to the masquerade.
  6. Groups are allowed and will be judged as a group, not individuals.
  7. Everfree Northwest is a family friendly convention and your cosplay and conduct on stage needs to reflect that. Any cosplay that violates the dress code will not be allowed in the masquerade and you may be asked to modify your cosplay to comply with the dress code for the rest of the convention. Any inappropriate behavior on stage will result in disqualification.
  8. FOALS (Children) are those who are 12 and under. NOVICE cosplayers are those who are just starting out in cosplay - maybe this is your first masquerade or cosplay. INTERMEDIATE cosplayers are those who have been cosplaying a bit, or you feel you’ve made at least 50% of your cosplay. EXPERT cosplayers are those who are experienced at cosplay and have made 80% or more of their cosplay.
  9. Foals (especially very young ones) will be permitted to have a guardian go backstage or onstage with them. For teen/adult contestants, no friends will be permitted to join them backstage or onstage. Exceptions will be made for those with disabilities who need assistance or cosplays that require handlers – if you need assistance and do not have anyone, we can arrange for staff to help.
  10. Some of the rules may be relaxed at judges’ discretion for those in the Foal category.
  11. You will have about 30 seconds on stage to pose, twirl, show off your cosplay. We do not have the time to accommodate skits and contestants will NOT be given a microphone for any reason.
  12. Staff, Community or Guests of Honor are not eligible to enter for prizes. Anyone who wishes to, including non-pony cosplayers will be welcome to come up after the main contestants for our fashion show.
  13. Following the cosplay masquerade, we will have our Cosplay Fashion Show for those who do not wish to compete but would like to show off their cosplay. You do not need to sign up prior - please wait for our announcement inviting all who want to participate to come to the stage area. You will give the MC your name and who you’re cosplaying to be announced as you take the stage.

Cosplay Masquerade Entry Form

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