Cosplay Chess

Everfree Northwest Cosplay Chess 2024

Step into a world where fantasy and [poor] strategy collide to witness iconic characters from My Little Pony and beyond come to life before your very eyes.

Welcome to Cosplay Chess at Everfree Northwest!

Cosplay Chess is an interactive experience which celebrates creativity and pays tribute to the unbreakable bonds between fandoms. Whether you're an avid My Little Pony fan or an admirer of cosplay craftsmanship, this event will transport you to a realm where imagination reigns supreme. Join us in this gathering to be a part of a clash of legends, a dance of heroes, and a triumph of imagination. Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary adventure!

A minimum of 32 wonderful volunteers are needed to bring this event to life. No chess experience necessary! We encourage attendees of all ages to sign up to participate in this interactive experience. Come as any character you like to experience a unique event that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Take your place on the board and join us for this life-size game of chess!


Thirty two players stand on a chess board made out of tape and act as living chess pieces commanded by two chess masters. It’s a spectacle many look forward to every year and it’s been known to bring tons of joy, laughter, and entertainment. We are continuing that tradition and inviting cosplayers of all ages and skill levels to participate. That being said, the rules and guidelines are below.

Signup Rules

  • Signups to be a player in chess must be filled out online.
  • If there are still openings at the con, you can still sign up. If all positions are full, you can sign up to be an alternate in case someone doesn’t show.
  • In alignment with con policy, participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All cosplayers are welcome as long as they comply with con policy; pony cosplay not required.

Quick Overview of Chess

For those who have never played chess before, here is a link explaining the Rules of Chess.

Rules for Playing Cosplay Chess

  • Players will be assigned a piece role by their game master.
  • While playing, be courteous to the other players.
  • When asked to capture another piece, the board will clear and it will be up to the two cosplayers to improv a resolution that ends with the captured piece being removed (this is where the hilarity ensues.)
    • When capturing other pieces, remember that this is play fighting and do not engage in any behavior that could hurt you or any other participants around you.
  • Once you are eliminated from the game, please stay off the board and do not re-enter the game space.
  • Remember, cosplay is not consent. Please keep physical contact to a minimum if asked to.
  • Be a good sport! If you get taken out earlier than you would’ve wanted, then that’s perfectly OK! There’s always a first piece to be taken in every chess game after all.
  • Remember this is a PG convention. That means keep your language appropriate.
  • When you are captured, please do not have your mock battle drag on. Keep it to at most thirty seconds.
Novella sewing a costume