Daring Do and the Eye of McGuffin

You, Rainbow Dash, are chilling in a tree, thinking about how to increase your coolness by 25%, when Daring Do gallops up. She needs your help! Seems there are rumours in the criminal underground that a group of thieves have discovered where The Eye of McGuffin is located and plan to take it! This artifact cannot fall into the wrong hooves because it is said to make ponies highly suggestible and able to be bent to anypony’s will! Nopony alive knows where The Eye is now, but if there is one place where you could find out, it would be the Canterlot Archives…

General Information

This escape room is designed for groups of two to six people, but can be done solo. Foals (aged twelve and under) are welcome, but require parental supervision. Parents are welcome to observe for free. The room is priced at $40 per group, and you are given one hour to complete the room. Times will run from 10AM to 9:40PM on Friday and Saturday, and 10AM to 4:20PM on Sunday.


Purchasing for escape rooms is now closed.

Be sure to follow @EFNW_EscapeRoom for more information!