Ponystock Live! 7:30pm-1:15am

Ponystock Live! will feature a medley of live musicians, bands and more to bring you the latest and greatest in live music from the fandom! Featuring both familiar and brand new musicians to the Mane Stage, there will be something for everyone! Guitars, keyboards, drums, crazy vocals, and more - this concert will keep the heart pumping and the audience jumping. Think Bridlewoodstock, but even better!

Ponystock Live Lineup


Canto & Thrack


Canto and Thrack bring their signature blend of acoustic folk and rock styles that are fun for all ages! Join us and sing along!



Local Washingtonian here! Here to rock your socks off AND bring you to tears, so come to the concerts and be ready for anything!


Forest Rain

Pop-Punk, Metal, Alternative

Forest Rain has been hiding away in a dark studio for far too long, working on her new album Aetheria – a fantastical tale of love, pirates, sky kings and the search for long lost magic. She hopes to reclaim some of that magic on stage this year at Everfree NW by bringing you along with her on a journey through some of her latest and greatest music!


The Wonderbolts!

Rock and Roll

The Wonderbolts! have been playing MLP cons for ten years now. We’re so excited to return to Everfree Northwest this year – keep your ears open and eyes peeled for new songs and preorder our tenth anniversary studio album – releasing this fall!



Pop, Electronic, Dance

Releasing music since 2019, Evershade has always been up for bringing a vibin’ music set to the public. Expect to be grooving to the electronic dance and pop tracks in a fabulous spectacle that they have planned for you. Experience euphoria with some familiar and even some new tunes that will get you on your feet— er… hooves!



Pop, Hyperpop

Notorious pop changeling Koa is known for tossing musical styles, edgy vibes, and absolute silliness into a blender to see what comes out. What any given set will contain is a mystery, so you might as well come witness the chaos – and leave with a song stuck in your head. ;3



Progressive House, Bass House, Melbourne Bounce, Hyperpop

When it comes to EFNW, SCR4TCHK4T is certainly no stranger. As a local Seattle EDM producer and DJ in the brony fandom since 2014, she’s known for her popular remixes of “Antonymph” by Vylet Pony and “PINKIE” by rawrity, as well as her originals like “kittygirl,” “snackpack (feat. rawrity),” and “Euphoric Hoofsteps.” She debuted at Everfree’s Renegade Stage in 2021 and has since become a prominent name in the brony community. Now, she’s ready to take the stage of the con she calls home, with an energetic set featuring special guests and new, unheard music from her upcoming album “Idols.” You do NOT wanna miss this set!


Vale & FL0

Electronic (in a Very Broad Spectrum)

FL0 presents: FL0’s Wubtastic Wubbathon (emphasis on wubs)! Get ready for those classic dubstep pony vibes to come flooding back at maximum velocity B)