Get those dancing shoes out of the closet and pick up some new glow sticks, because Everfree Northwest is happy to announce that Ponystock will be back again this year to rock the night away! This rocking concert will feature lots of great musicians & DJs from the fandom– some familiar friends, and some fresh new faces! We hope to you there!

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Ponystock Lineup

7:00 - 7:30

Luna Jax

Luna Jax is a ‘Murican smol horse. He likes to sing. He likes to play guitar. Come listen to him sing and play.

7:30 - 8:00


A local singer/songwriter/musician based on Auburn. I love chatting and playing music with pretty much anyone, so come find me! I'm usually the one carrying around a black acoustic guitar!

8:00 - 8:30


From Pacific PonyCon in San Diego, to BronyCon in Baltimore, Crusader! has been performing in the pony music scene since 2016, though has been making music in the fandom since 2013. His biggest inspiration is ponies. Whether it’s high impact punk rock or catchy dance pop, Crusader! Loves to put on a show!

8:30 - 9:00


Shadez is a musician, voice actor, and artist from the gulf coast area of Mississippi. Throughout his career he has worked in punk, pop, and alternative rock. When not doing music, he records comic dubs specializing in voices like Soarin, Shining Armor, and Braeburn. Shadez can be found inside looking at memes or outside skateboarding when he is not at his computer.

9:00 - 9:45

Forest Rain

Having made her rounds on the Midwest convention scene for the past few years, this year Forest Rain is branching out (pun intended) and will be attending both Everfree Northwest in Seattle, Washington as well as Everfree Encore in Germany come September! For Everfree Northwest, she is assembling some of her closest friends to put together a phenomenal pop/punk show of new & old music with a couple unexpected covers thrown in. You don't want to miss her first west coast performance on the Everfree stage!

10:00 - 10:45


Heavily inspired by early fandom musicians like Archie, Twitch and JayB, Faulty aims to keep the early 2010s house vibes alive with his upbeat productions and liberal use of supersaws. With sets tailored towards fun, energetic sounds, he's looking forward to bringing the house down at EFNW!

10:45 - 11:30

Seventh Element

Seventh Element is an electronic musician from central Illinois who joined the brony music scene in early 2012. He is known for his diversity in producing, jumping from genre to genre and sometimes in-between. He produces any manner of drums n' bass, house, chillout/downtempo, IDM, synthwave, and trap. His diversity also stems out towards post-rock and orchestral music. He's composed music since 2008, and has found his best works so far have been in pony music.

11:30 - 12:15


PegasYs has been producing music in the fandom for many years, initially gaining traction for his vocal work as part of duo Starlight, before branching out with his own productions as well. Whilst his music focuses on funky melodies and sweet neuro drops, his live performances incorporate DJing, talkbox and much more. Make sure to check him out when he grooves onto the dancefloor at Everfree Northwest!

12:15 - 1:15


The legacy continues! Eurobeat Brony (aka Odyssey, Ken Blast from Initial D, DNA Team, T. Stebbins…) returns to Seattle once again. Eurobeat Brony arguably pioneered the music portion of the MLP:FiM community from early 2011 onward, penning some of the most beloved songs in the scene such as "Luna", "Discord", "Diamond Dogs", and much more. With a set list spanning nearly a decade of exceptional music and a unique live performance that combines traditional DJing with controllerism and live vocals, come see why Eurobeat's performances must be seen (and heard) to be believed.