Hey everycreature! We know Everfree Northwest 2019 just ended, but we already have news for you! Coming August 7-9, 2020, for the 9th consecutive year, it’s Everfree Northwest! We’re so honored to call ourselves the longest-running 3-day My Little Pony fan convention. Next year, EFNW will be featuring special guest princesses Nicole Oliver and Tabitha St. Germain who are ready to welcome you to the convention, and to our new venue!

For 2020, Everfree Northwest will be hosted at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Bellevue! We have enjoyed our time at the DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport over the past four years, but the expanding array of wonderful programming and events, change of dates, and a desire to provide the best possible My Little Pony Fan Convention experience possible necessitated our venue move.
We know these changes have sparked a lot of curiosity and questions, so let’s address some of the big questions with a little FAQ:

Q: What will the hotel rooms cost? When can I book my room?
A: Our room rate at the Hyatt Regency will be $139 per night for a single king or double/queen bed room. We will have a booking link available soon, as well as upgrade packages for badges. We’re also very excited to share that there will be free parking at the hotel from Thursday to Monday during the convention weekend!

Q: What about food and entertainment nearby?
A: Fear not, for there are over 50 restaurants in the area. The Hyatt Regency is connected to a beautiful shopping center via skybridge. This center offers many food and entertainment options. The restaurants and fast food joints nearby have plenty of options for attendees with specific dietary needs and budgetary concerns. For those who like to plan a group outing during the convention, there are two nearby movie theaters, as well as a bowling alley, a nightclub, and an arcade!

Q: I loved the DoubleTree! What happened, why are you leaving?
A: We loved the DoubleTree, too! But we have high hopes that attendees will be excited to experience Everfree Northwest in our new, bigger venue. If you’ve been feeling cramped in our current space, we understand! The Hyatt Regency Bellevue gives us room to grow and provide more activities and event space for all of you. We will also have the ability to make more space available to the public, for them to get a sneak peek before deciding to purchase a badge, or if you have family and friends you’d like to introduce to the event!

Q: Bigger venue, huh? Tell me more!
A: Certainly! The larger convention area has unique options for Foal Room, Writing Room, Vendor Hall spaces and more. The first floor of the convention space will be open to the public, so people without convention badges can still stop by and check out the con store and vendor hall area if they’re interested. There is room for all of our current activities and extra space for expansion and new things! We’re even going to have a dedicated party floor next year.

Q: Do you mean an official Everfree Northwest party floor?!
A: You got it! For the first time ever, Everfree Northwest will be able to offer an official party floor! We will have party suites available for reservation through the convention, so you or your group can host your very own themed party! This venue has the space available to allow us to bring an awesome addition for our Night Owls, and we’re ready to take advantage of it.

Q: I see that Bellevue is further away from the SeaTac Airport. What will transportation options be like for those of us flying in?
A: Transportation is a valid concern! The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is just over 20 miles from the airport. There is a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel that costs $25 per person. We are also currently exploring options for discounts with ridesharing services (Lyft/Uber), as well as looking into running a free shuttle on Thursday and Sunday (although the hours will be limited and trips less frequent than the shuttle). We will have more details coming on alternates to the shuttle service, but feel free to budget for that option in the meantime. Significantly lower hotel room costs and free parking for the locals/rental cars help to offset potential ride fees. We encourage everyone to travel with a friend or in a small group to save even more on travel costs.

Other things that didn’t quite fit nicely in the FAQ include an indoor pool and a swanky breakfast/brunch restaurant in the hotel called Eques (horseman in Latin)! Overall, we are very excited about this new opportunity, and cannot wait to welcome you to join us for Everfree Northwest 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue! Bigger space, more parties, more programming, more food, more fun! We hope to see you there!