(UPDATED 7/1/2021) Everfree Northwest 2021 is officially happening in-person! Click here to learn how we're keeping our attendees safe from COVID-19.
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Guests Of Honor

Guests marked with the label Appearing Remotely will not be attending the convention in person and will instead be making appearances virtually via teleconferencing software. For more information visit our FAQ page.

Nicole Oliver & Tabitha St Germain

A group photo featuring Princesses Luna and Celestia!

Appearing Remotely

Nicole Oliver

Princess Celestia

Appearing Remotely

Tabitha St Germain

Princess Luna

Matt Cowlrick & Willa Milner

A group photo featuring Dragon Lords Torch and Ember!

Appearing Remotely

Matt Cowlrick

Dragon Lord Torch

Appearing Remotely

Willa Milner

Dragon Lord Ember

Sam Vincent & Scott McNeil

A group photo featuring Flim and Flam!

Appearing Remotely

Sam Vincent


Appearing Remotely

Scott McNeil


Chiara Zanni & Ashleigh Ball

A group photo featuring Daring Do and Rainbow Dash!

Appearing Remotely

Chiara Zanni

Daring Do

Appearing Remotely

Ashleigh Ball

Rainbow Dash & Applejack

Gabriel Brown, Claire Corlett & Sunni Westbrook

A group photo featuring Sweetie Belle, Cozy Glow and Gabe Brown!

Gabriel Brown

Musician/Voice Actor

Claire Corlett

Sweetie Belle

Sunni Westbrook

Cozy Glow

Thom Zahler, Andy Price & Katie Cook

A group photo featuring Thom Zahler, Andy Price and Katie Cook, the comic artists of MLP!

Thom Zahler

Comic Artist

Andy Price

Comic Artist

Katie Cook

Comic Artist