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Special Guests


Dustykatt – The Man, the Myth……… Legend? Probably not, you see he is just a goofball doing his thing and taking people along for the crazy ride that is his life. Over the years of this wild Brony fandom, he's been an original member of Bronies React, played the Australian in the TF2 Analysis Anarchy series, voice acted as Thatch in the Thatch and Dial YouTube series alongside Mandopony as well as parts in the East Corp productions of Fallout Equestria. Luximus also recruited him to play a hot dog vendor in her animation series Allister and Melody. His Voice acting roles lead to Book narration and also on camera opportunities. Being cast in a Metallica music video and playing a heavy in a student film out of San Francisco. He is most proud of his Livestream show “Stay Brony My Friends” which over the years interviewed many people in the fandom as well as many who worked on My Little pony: Friendship is Magic directly, raising over 50,000 dollars for charity during its run. His passion for music led him to begin guitar building, starting with a replica of Sunset Shimmer's guitar from Rainbow Rocks. He has built many to date, more in the Cigar Box variety. Basing the themes of each guitar he builds in the MLP world. He now travels to conventions to entertain on stage during such panels as Bronies React, Hooves line is it anyway and Script readings. Leading VIP panels as well as Charity Auction duties that he shares whenever he can with his good pal Foalpapers.

Foal Papers

Foal Papers, known (occasionally affectionately) as Foaly, has been a fan of candy-colored magical friendship horses since early 2011. The pilot episode left him intrigued; by “Winter Wrap Up” he was hooked. Since then, he’s presented on the links between MLP:FiM and Greek mythology at academic conferences and fan conventions around the world. He’s also moderated panels with many of the Powers That Be of the franchise, co-hosted a plethora of charity auctions in support of excellent causes, and run around a lot in a perpetual befuddled hurry. Online, he’s participated in a variety of livestreams and shows, helped actively shape the fan community on Twitter, and tracked the fandom’s charity and convention undertakings with his beloved spreadsheets. Foaly enjoys tea and Jaffa cakes more than can be healthy, and is uncomfortable yet vaguely amused describing himself in the third person. When he’s not getting ejected from libraries for smelling the books, you can find him tweeting too much on @foalpapers, Be excellent to each other.


ACRacebest is a mechanical engineer best known for his Youtube series “Bronies React”. He specializes in destroying cars, goofing off and eating burritos. With an accumulated 32 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues. There’s also rumor that he’s fond of Zootopia. Keep an eye out during the convention as Race is known to vlog his adventures.



Sara (aka Toodles) is an artist, podcast host, and professional wife to ACRacebest. Sara started her MLP journey by getting her husband into the show, and has been on a wild ride ever since. She is best known for her appearances in the YouTube series “Bronies React,” being one of many hosts on “The Semi-Perfect Podcast,” and as behind-the-scenes coordinator of a majority of the “Hooves Line” panels throughout multiple conventions. At EFNW you’ll most likely find her getting yoked by carrying various pieces of camera equipment from panel to panel.



Saberspark is a Youtuber who does animation analysis and reviews on his channel. With an audience of nearly a million subscribers, Saber tries to provide fun and informative content for his viewers

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Brony Chef

As a Professional Chef, established in Mexico, he has been traveling for the past 6 years collecting flavours that help mark his kitchen as unique. Also, TV Chef at TV4 in Guanajuato, Corporate Chef at the Gamma Hotels, and well yeah, he likes those pastel colour equines. When he is not working on different projects he likes to play video games, specially League of Legends --- C9 best! Passionate about anything food related, and always in search of unknown flavours, give him a weird spice and he will give you a special surprise.



Commentary Is Magic

CCG Fun and Friendship with Commentary is Magic! Commentary is Magic is thrilled to return to Everfree Northwest, bringing all the joy and excitement of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game with them! Since 2015, CiM has focused on organizing and running livestreamed CCG tournaments (with commentary, of course!) and new player demos at conventions both pony-focused and otherwise. Additionally, their regular broadcasts on Twitch have helped to provide players of all skill levels with helpful tips and tricks, featured duels between community members, and deck ideas for a variety of playstyles. Commentary is Magic is responsible for Organized Play since 2018, hosting Continental Championships, Store Championships and other globally-organized events. This year’s Everfree Northwest will be the culmination of the competitive season featuring the North American Continental Championships, as well as tournaments for Harmony and convention favorites like Team (Meme) Sealed and Draft, and the always-popular Cube Draft event along with learn-to-play sessions, so come compete and join the fun!


A (not so) mild-mannered techie by day, technicolor pony diva by night; Mieu brings six years of cosplay experience to Everfree Northwest this year. Aside from learning and trading knowledge and new skills with other aspiring makers, Mieu's favorite thing about convention life is making memories and magic through cosplay shenanigans. She can't wait to meet fellow horsefolk at her very first EFNW, whether you join her for a set of educational and entertaining panels, or just swing by and talk shop! To see what mischief she's making, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram: @MieuCosplay.

Cosmic Melody

Hobbyist cosplayer, board game enthusiast, and physicist, Cosmic Melody began her cosplaying journey at her first BronyCon in summer 2012. Since then, she has worked hard to learn new skills and create a wide variety of custom costumes. Cosmic Melody is most often recognized for her Adagio Dazzle, Countess Coloratura, Midnight Sparkle, and Princess Luna cosplays. Cosmic Melody also goes by Laura and is a regular member of the Semi-Perfect Podcast. At EFNW, you can probably find her in the vendor hall spending an irresponsible amount of money on pony plushies

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Maddymoiselle is a cosplayer, storyteller, and massive nerd from Southern California. She has been cosplaying for six years and loves sharing her passion for costuming with others at conventions! Within the My Little Pony community, Maddy is best known for her Sunset Shimmer, Princess Cadence, and Tempest Shadow cosplays, and you may have even seen her onstage at BronyCon as one of the Grand Galloping Gala performers! Being a self-taught seamstress, wig stylist, and general crafter, Maddy prides herself on being able to encourage others to start cosplaying and crafting just like she did - with cosplay becoming so accessible, she loves offering guidance on how to get started! When Maddy isn’t busy cosplaying or attending cons, she is usually found playing Dungeons and Dragons, collecting dice, and getting emotional over her characters (seriously, ask her about her Druid, she is always game to talk about D&D!). To find out more about Maddymoiselle - or to see her ever-growing dice collection - check out her Twitter (@maddy_moiselle), her Instagram (@maddy.moiselle), and her Patreon (/Maddymoiselle)!


Shelbeanie Cosplay- Cosplayer, Voice Actress, Part time Princess, Makeup Artist. Shelby is an accomplished seamstress and actress with a passion for bringing the imaginary into existence! She has a passion for teaching and a love of learning and a life long goal of making others smile smile smile! When she is not pursuing her artistic endeavors, Shelby loves snuggling her sugar gliders, listening to stories, and playing the ukulele! You can follow her work on Facebook (Shelbeanie Cosplay), Instagram (shelbeaniecosplay), and Twitter (Shelbeanie).


Sarahndipity, a bubbly mermaid at heart, is a multi-genre and award-winning cosplayer, a makeup artist, and a licensed cosmetologist who has shared her passions within the MLP community for over seven years. Her cosplay accolades include a Best Novice Award for her Nightmare Moon cosplay, a Judges Award for her Princess Luna cosplay, and participating in Bronycon’s Grand Galloping Gala all six years. She feels honored to continuously be a guest at MLP conventions to share her love and knowledge of costuming, makeup, and acting with attendees. While Pinkie Pie is her staple, she has created many other pony costumes, including Aria Blaze, Starlight Glimmer, Queen Chrysalis, and more! She strives to use her education and experience to encourage others to try cosplaying, offering informative cosplay panels whenever she can and answering cosplay-related questions on her social media platforms. You can find more of her work on Facebook, YouTube and Patreon under “Sarahndipity Cosplay”, her Instagram @sarahndipitycosplay, and Twitter @sarahndipity212!

Shield Horse

Shield Horse Cosplay, also known as Scott, has been a cosplayer since 2004 and has been a fan of My Little Pony since Friendship is Magic first debuted. He's also a passionate actor, LARPer, and lifelong gamer. You may have seen him at Bronycon's Grand Galloping Gala as Doctor Whooves and Shining Armor, as well as the face of Big Mac and Shining Armor for different events at the convention. When not working on cosplay, you can find him playing multiple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, teaming up with friends in Overwatch, or jet-setting across the country to participate in “blockbuster-style” LARPs. He loves animals and currently has a small menagerie of his own at home. You can find more of his creative works on Youtube under Wandering Wolf Adventures, on Twitter as @wanderingwolf83, and on Instagram as @wanderingwolfadventures and @shield_horse_cosplay.

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Fiaura The Tank Girl does scientific analysis of fandoms from 40K to My Little Pony. No fandom is beyond the look of the eye of science! In addition to this, she is the writer and author of Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree and the Actress for Queen Quake of Babscon. Come see the insanity she has brought together or what science can wrought for Merchandise pieces from Glassware and Tins to Metallic Prints and Bottlecaps! The New Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree Audiobook featuring some of your favorite fandom members such as Nowhacking, Josh Scorcher, Inky Notebook, and dozens of others will have a chapter released live at CON! for you to see! Not to mention the possibility of a new book leers before us all at Everfree Northwest.

Silver Quill

Surveying the scene in 2012, Silver Quill didn't become a full-on fan of the show until he saw the level of creativity it inspired. Beginning with comics before launching a YouTube channel, he has gained a following and become a contributing figure on Equestria Daily, Bronies React, the MBS Show, and his own "After the Fact" series. Combining classical themes, modern-day culture, and slapstick, Silver Quill is one of the premier reviewers and a familiar face in the convention scene.

The Illustrious Q

In March of 2011, a fairly quiet Brony known as The Illustrious Q watched his first brand new episode of MLP: Over a Barrel. This was of course after binging the entire first season up to that point. While he was, at the time, content to let other more more interested/energetic people make their mark in the fandom something was about to happen which would change everything. It wasn't the Fire Nation attacking, but IDW Publishing announcing a new My Little Pony Comic Series at SDCC 2012 had arguably as much of an impact on him. Minus the being frozen in ice for a century bit. Never one for half measures, The Illustrious Q swore an oath to collect every single MLP comic produced by IDW on that fateful day. Little did he realize that his quest for perfection would eventually lead him to Equestria Daily as their resident IDW MLP Comic Expert, MLP convention reporter, and chief interviewer!


Flutterpriest, in addition to being a cohost of MLP interview podcast 'The Barcast', gained recognition as a fanfiction author for his vast selection of Human in Equestria stories, award-winning contest entries, and community-sized collaborations and contests. Some of his most acclaimed works include 'Dash Tries to Win Your Heart', 'Feathers', and 'Office Love'. He hides himself deep in the heartland of America, where his doggo frequently interrupts podcasts for scritches.

Vivid Syntax

With a flair for the dramatic and a love of foreshadowing, Cody "Vivid Syntax" Miller is a fanfic author, convention runner, and statistician hailing from Minnesota. He's penned everything from one-tweet microfictions to one-shot comedies to 400,000-word dramatic romances, and he's had the honor of writing six (and counting!) scripts for MLP conventions across the Midwest. At EFNW 2019, he was a judge and editor for SCRIPTfest as well as a prolific panel participant, and this year, he's thrilled to bring even more energy to the writing track. Hilarious workshops! Thought-provoking discussions! And a fun-filled weekend of writing that's sure to go down as the greatest Seattle has ever seen! ...I did warn you about the flair for the dramatic, didn't I?


Horizon, as one of the founding members of the Royal Canterlot Library, has helped shine a spotlight on authors of high-quality MLP fanfics for over six years. He's also a critically acclaimed fanfiction author himself (Hard Reset 2: Reset Harder; Time Enough For Love; Administrative Angel), and is responsible for the fan episode read by show VAs at the final Bronycon (A Matter of Principals). He lives in the mountains of California with the cats of the person who stole his car.