Working as a professional musician and original artist since she was 15 years old, Willa Milner is no stranger to performance. After wanting to be an actor all her life, she decided to finally take the plunge in 2013, kicking off her film/TV career soon after with the coveted role of Liz in MGM’s If I Stay. Willa soon found voice acting and booked the role of Princess Ember in the wildly popular show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She also thrives in the advertising world and is the brand voice for multiple national and international campaigns from Plenty of Fish to Coffeemate. 2018 has been a return to her music and songwriting, with Willa moving to Toronto and working with some of the greatest songwriters in the country. She’s just completed several song workshops including a trip to Nicaragua with the top pop writers in North America and was just mentored by Babyface; one of the greatest writers and producers of all time. With several singles complete and ready for the world to hear, Willa Milner is more than ready for the next chapter.