Hyatt Regency Bellevue

6/14/2024 Hotel Update

Our hotel block is now fully booked, and our high floor rooms are sold out. We will do our best to fulfill further requests, but there are no guarantees that extensions requests will be able to be filled.

If you have yet to book your hotel room and need a place to stay, there are still a few options:

  1. The hotel has rollaway beds which can be added to any king room, so make room for more roommates. Coordinate with your friends!
  2. Check out the room share channel in discord to try to find people with space in their rooms.

If you are searching for a roommate outside of friends you know and trust, here are some tips to be wary of scammers or illegitimate offers:

  1. Never pay someone before getting to con and checking in. Hotel reservations do not require advance payment, so you should be paying for your share at con, after you've checked in.
  2. Ask questions of the person you're potentially rooming with, make sure you can trust them. Speak to friends and people you know first, or check with others who know that person and can vouch for them!
  3. Get con staff to validate the booking by emailing to make sure the reservation is real.
  4. If it doesn't feel real, safe, or comfy, don't do it.

Maretime Bay Inn (Basic Room)

1 King or Queen/Double on a lower floor

Room (per night)$145.00
City Tax (approximate)$8.00
Sales Tax (approximate)$12.00


Zephyr Heights Rise (High View Room)

1 King or Queen/Double on a high floor

Full room price due at time of purchase.

Room (per night)$220.00
City TaxIncluded
Sales TaxIncluded


Other Room Options

All party rooms have been sold!

Transportation from the Airport

The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is just over 20 miles from the airport. The Hilton Garden Inn is located one block from the Hyatt Regency. Significantly lower hotel room costs and free parking for the locals/rental cars help to offset potential ride fees. We encourage everyone to travel with a friend or in a small group to save even more on travel costs.

Alternatively, click here to view a transit map of the area.