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Abigail Starling & Ashley Nichols

Magical Girl & Bun Lord

Abigail and Ashley will be bringing a variety of colorful art, comics, and goods featuring ponies and beyond! They're also offering different types of commissions (subject to availability).


Aerial Draws

Unique AI-generated ponies never seen before or to be seen again, printed as one-off buttons and stickers on the fly.


Ardail's Coffey Shop

Coffey hors

Prints, mugs, charms, lanyards, est

Table7 & 8

AssasinMonkey Art

Art is a universe we all collaboratively explore.

AssasinMonkey is a Dutch artist creating various digital fan paintings of MLP characters and episode moments. Selling a wide selection of posters and wallscrolls, but also mousepads, playmats, blankets, and personal sketch Art books containing all the beh


Bobdude Draws

Original small horse drawings from Kansas City

Kansas City's Sweetie Belle aficionado returns to Everfree for another round of small horse accessories. Stickers, blankets, charms, lanyards, you'll know the booth as soon as you see see the over saturation of pink.

This is bobdude's final convention as


Boiler3 & Sweetcream

Artwork prints, Fabric products (Drawstring bags, scarves) card games and card game expansions, metal enamel pins, acrylic charms, badges

Table25 & 26

Chocolate Pony Tarot

Creating tarot cards and transformative art.

Returning vendor of fan favorite items including the Equestria Tarot cards, flags, badges, enamel pins, and many more unique items.


Chris Gann


Codie Scott

Creating Art from the heart

Face Painting, and Glitter Tattoos. Tiny Art Face Painting is fully Licensed and Insured. Only quality FDA approved face paints and cosmetic grade glitters and glues are used by our Professional Artists.


CosmicKeyframe Productions

From point A, point B and everything inbetween!

Art prints, posters, shadowboxes, paper cutouts, badges, and accessories.


CrescentScript & DokiPistol

Suki (CrescentScript) has been coming down from Canada for 4 years now, and this year, she's bringing Harli (DokiPistol) with her, for her first EVER My Little Pony con! Between the two, you'll find an assortment of digital prints, as well as resin charms & polymer clay accessories~!


Dawnfire's Art



Life is more full when you don't let yourself forget the small things.

Art Prints, Stickers, Buttons, a Comic Collection book, and Traditional Commissions


Domesticated Diva

stitchin' it up!

The Diva comes riding in with a cartload of colorful, hand sewn bags, shoe wings, patches, mini quilts, and giftables for everypony. She'd also love to custom embroider your saddlebags and other pony gear!


Dragon Treasures

Steampunk Ponies!

Steam punk ponies and this year we are adding costuming to the list of Treasures that will be up for grabs!



Art prints, buttons, bookmarks, originals, commissions


Fey Market custom ponies

Straight from that little market alley that wasn’t there yesterday, Sanada Ookami is the owner and artist, with a focus on hand-sculpted models of your favorite characters from My Little Pony. Whether it be a detailed mane character in their Gala dress, y


Fiaura The Tank Girl


Geometrical Geek

Geekery with Value

I will be selling cube-shaped MLP plushies (fleece), laying down style minky MLP plushies (both ponies and sea ponies), sea-horse style MLP minky plushies, messenger bags that have MLP, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and other fandom patterns on them, pokeballs


Hearth & Home Woodcrafts

Hand crafted with love

From pencils and pens to coasters and glassware. We manufacture everthing in house and engrave our products with designs for fans of a variety of entertainment. Express your fandom in ways that are practical, subtle, and sublime.





Drink tea responsibly.

Colorful character artwork, including this year's exclusive VIP guest prints!


Inkkey Studios

Bumbling through art

Seller of one of kind badge art, prints, charms and now a new cad game Mares!


Kazzy's Plush Emporium

Selling cute and unique handmade plushies with personality!

Kazzy's Plush Emporium has been crafting for nearly 8 years. We strive to create adorable, cuddly friends for you to love forever. If you're looking for a plush to snuggle or travel buddy, look no further! We try to have high quality plush while keeping a


KefkaFloyd Art & Lights

Make Some Friends!

Make Some Friends! Featuring an array of colorful lights and amazing inspirational propaganda posters, you're sure to find something to light up your life!



With a style both similar to the show's and made unique, cute and fun posters, keychains, buttons, and badges can be found at Kelly's vendor table!





Cuddle Pal Plush vendor

We have the cuddly plushies available at our table~


Lavender Creations

Fabric arts and embroidery with a distinctly nerdy flair!

One-woman small fabric arts business bringing a variety of handbags, sling bags, messenger bags and more; plus embroidered vinyl key chains and made-to-order patches!


LiL Moon Crafts

I make hand made pony plushies of various sizes from super soft minky fabrics. These babies are stuffed with just enough so they are both cuddly and sturdy. I also take customs orders for OCs.


Little Party Comics

Must love Horse Puns

Comics and Prints


My Little Ties

Finest pony formalwear non-pareil.

Pony ties, bow-ties, pins, tie bars, jewelry, coasters, flasks and pocket watches. Plus all sorts of lasered items, from keychains to magnets. Lots of variety with subtle ways to express your fandom.


Nadnerb's Art

Elegant ponies on various materials



My Chi Is Mad Focus, Yo

Ponies! All kinds of ponies. I got ponies packing weapons-grade cuteness to ponies just plain packing weapons! Wallscrolls, mousepads and prints - NC provides and abides.



Stop on by for tons of reasonably priced pony prints to choose from! I will also have original, framed, artworks for sale. Commissions will be available, but are limited!


Ponies by RubioWolf

Plushies from the <3

Come stop by and check out the snuggly and cuddly plushies available! I'll have an assortment of sizes and styles, don't miss out!


Shipping & Handling

We ship them, you handle them!

Official and fan expansions for Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder!



Art Prints, Commissions, Printed Merchandise


Silver Games LLC

Bringing Ponies and Adventure Back Together

Silver Games is back with more adventure than ever! Swing by to take up arms with your friends and begin your equine adventures. We have roleplaying books for both Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons, novels, plushes, dice, and figures, waiting to go!



Ponies and Trians, Ponies and Train.

Home of the card game "Prance", along with a table top N Gauge railroad. We have a selection of Wall Decor, Key Chains, metalwork, and other card games as well!


Snuggle Trumpet Jerseys

Custom jerseys! Awesome dice! Cool looking Polos! Come down to our table and check out newest jerseys designs and learn how you can get your own OC/Cutie on one. Into gaming instead? How about our awesome selection of metal dice and dice bags? Check them


Sophie Scruggs Art

Custom handmade plush, prints, original art, amd enamel pins


Speak Your Geek

Get Your Geek On!

We specialize in spicing up your everyday life with the fandoms you love. Our custom products are geeky, fashionable, and useful (well, some aren't that useful, but they're cool, so that's something). Uncover magnetic car decals, custom t-shirts, custom s


Suds and Verse

Table1 & 2

Sugar Mint Cafe

~@~A magical gift for every Pony!~@~

Canvas bags, dog tags, costume wings, pillows, ukuleles, arm bracers, accessories, figures



Selling Prints and Mugs of a decent quality.

Table19 & 20

Traveling Pony Museum

Let your art travel!

The Traveling Pony Museum is a curated collection of wares from artists around the globe. We offer a variety of poster prints on demand, artwork fleece blankets, hand-sewn plush, custom on-site woven paracord belts, badges, luminous laser-etchings, and mo


Tsitra360 Illustration

Im an all around artist.

The best place to get your pone needs in prints, tees, and commissions! Come by and say hi.


Turnip Stew-dios

Join the artistic stew pot.

I will be selling posters, prints, buttons, on-site commissions, and traditional art pieces.


Twisted Sketch Productions


The Unofficial Official Store of BerryTube

Stumble over!

A fantastic community coming together to make high quality prints, buttons, and patches!


Variety Custom Guitars

Hand painted custom guitars and other hand crafted items (drinking vessels, guitar pics, etc.)


VIP - Brenda Hickey


VIP - Tony Fleecs



Table23 & 24

Viw's Art

Every day is a good day when you art.

Art vendor, selling custom Puzzles, woodcuts, blankets, enamel pins, mousepads, playmats, wallscrolls and, of course, prints.


Waffle Wishes

Making your wishes come into reality!

Pony Playing Cards, Plushies, Prints, Playmats, Pants, and other things that don't start with P! (Blankets? Shirts?)


Way2Weird Productions

I'm Silver Quill. Thanks for watching!

Come visit Silver Quill and have a look at artwork prints, TSSFFF cards, LED displays, shirts, badges, and other merchandise featuring our favorite ponies and a reviewing hippogriff.


Wink ware

I make cute geeky hand made fleece hats, also design, lanyard keyfobs, buttons,microfiber cloth, pins, bags, scarfs and other cute items.