Battle Gem Ponies

The Action-Packed Pokémon-Inspired Pony RPG

Yotes Games proudly presents the newly revived turn-based strategy video game, Battle Gem Ponies! Come play the latest demo, meet the devs, pick up some merch, and check out the live Kickstarter to claim exclusive rewards!



Professional YouTuber, Amateur Con Artist

ILoveKimPossibleAlot posters, buttons, t-shirts, keychains, plushies and custom art commisions



Please don't tell my mom I draw ponies and furries...

Comics, prints, commissions


Ardail's Coffey Shop

Prints, buttons, keychains, a few wallscrolls and blankets


Phoeberia's Orrery

Let's shape the stars.

Prints, stickers, trinkets, and more!


Taurson's Cafe

Cute arts with a cup of coffee.

I will be selling stickers, buttons, keychains, and enamel pins. I will also be doing traditional commissions during the convention whether it be a sketch, line art, or a full colored piece. Also traditional badge commissions as well.


Corey's Corner

If you want to wake up with Ralof from Skyrim or cuddle up with a carry along Luna or adorned your couch with the Discordant Harmony pillows as seen in the episode, Corey's Corner has got you covered!

Pillows, plushies, acrylic charms, enamel pins, and facemasks for every geek and fandom from anime to video games and lots of ponies! If you want to cuddle up with a carry along style Luna or wake up with the iconic beginning with Ralof from Skyrim, I have you covered! The most popular thing I carry are the Discordant Harmony pillows that were seen in the show in real life form! But I also offer many other unique pony things like GummyLoki.


Sugar Mint Cafe

A general store and so much more!

Costume wings, horns & ears, arm bracers, hair accessories, canvas bags, pillows & cases, figures and more!


Ponies by RubioWolf

Plushies from the <3

Come stop by and check out the snuggly and cuddly plushies available! I'll have an assortment of sizes and styles, ranging from squishy chibi styles to assorted standing sizes; don't miss out!


Earth-Pony Creations

Ponies and lasers!

Wooden miniatures and magnets, wall art, mystery bags and more, all made with a laser cutter in collaboration with artists from around the fandom. Whether you're looking to proudly display your love of ponies, or are sticking with something only fellow fans would recognize, you'll find something you'll like here!


Bakufoon Creations

Plushies and other sewn crafts like embroidered keychains


Fey Market Custom Ponies

Hand-sculpted models of your favorite characters from My Little Pony. Whether it be a detailed mane character in their Gala dress, your favorite background pony, or even a certain villain from the comics, it may be available at this table.



The Cuddle Pal Plushies are back~

Hello every pony~ We are RimiPlushies, formerly known as KLPlushies, we will have our flagship design of the Cuddle Pal pony plush available to purchase at our booth and a special cross over with Hatsune Miku cuddle pal plush. Come to our both and check it out :D


Frog & Cog Creations

We ❤️ Stickers!

We are the sticker people! Come to us for all your sticker needs! We have almost any pony you can imagine, as well as Animal Crossing, Adventure Time, Studio Ghibli, and so many more!



We Create.

We are a team of pony artists. We have cute pony shirts, daki pillows, plushies and keychain blind boxes!! Please come by and check our booth!



Show accurate My Little Pony Plushies


Tabitha Grow

Make it Cute and make it Queer!

Queer/LGBT+ pride, D&D accessories, magical girl inspired


Hibiscus Stitch

I make handmade and professionally designed plushies from bigger show accurate plush to smaller beanies perfect for a shoulder buddy.


Variety Custom Guitars/Creations

Spice up your life with a bit of Variety.

We sell custom hand painted and crafted goods. Primarily guitars and drinking vessels. We have done other this and thats like skateboards, phone grips, keychains, and more!! Also, do we not have the character you want? Or perhaps you want an OC? We do commissions!


Musician Table

The musicians performing at Ponystock and the Gala will be here to sell their albums, merchandise, and much more. Chances of spontaneous singing will be high!


LVLUP Designs

A variety of geeky themed products ranging from home decor to drinkware. We also specialize in custom pixel art.



Come get your con merch!

Everfree Northwest's Con Store - for all things mascot.


My Little Ties

The finest provider of MLP inspired formalwear nonpareil! Now with lasers.

All sorts of fun and fancy stuff, formalwear to drinkware, and then some! Ties, bow-ties, jewelry (sterling silver, steel, and titanium), mugs, lighters, keycaps, LED acrylic badges, dice, coins, bracelets, titanium bottle openers, omamori (Japanese good luck charms), dog tags, keychains, and pins of all types!



Hey I'm Techy! I sell a large assortment of cute pony keychains as well as buttons, Lanyards, Badges, enamel pins, and prints


Miss Mele Madness

Buy A Butt Mug!

Hello! My name is Mele and welcome to my little corner of Equestria! Here in my shop you'll find an assortment of high quality/ fair priced merchandise ranging from G4 to G5! We're talking things from buttons, stickers, prints of various sizes, keychain charms, enamel pins and drinkware! In addition to all the physical merchandise, I also offer digital art commissions from basic art to custom badges! ^-^



When it all comes down to it, your memories are your most valuable possessions. So when you make them, don't forget to record them somewhere. That's the only way to keep them.

Ponies and Kobolds! Stickers and Prints and Comics!


Moozua Art

Buttons, stickers, prints, pencil cases, art commissions


Talons of Ice and Fire



Equestria's Main Supplier of Smiles 'n Happiness!

Hi! My name is Brittney, and I make cute pony art! I have a large variety of items, including prints, stickers, charms, pop sockets, lens cloths, mousepads, pins and even one-of-a-kind traditional pieces! All these things have one thing in common— They were created to make you smile!


Baja Gryphon

We will have but are not limited to... Enamel Pins, Figures, Hand fans, Mugs, TSSSF (Shipfic folder) Core and expansion decks, Prints, Bookmarks, Charms, Stickers, Facemasks, Including Traditional and Digital Commissions at con and after con!


Nadnerb's Art

Celestia and Celestia accessories.


Monochromatic's Enchanted Table

Do you like Rarity? Do you like Twilight? Do you like...RariTwi? Then you and Monochromatic are probably already one a first name basis!

Art prints, books, bookmarks, and pins/buttons!


Dawnfire's Art

Come by Dawn's booth for cute pony art, buttons, charms, lanyards & more! Traditional art commissions will be open at the con.


Viw's Art

Viw's Art: A plethora of painterly ponies on puzzles, pins, playmats and prints.

Stop on by for puzzles, pins, playmats, ponies, woodcuts, towels, blankets or whatever you like on large painterly backgrounds or neat accessories. I'm the artist for a good number of ponies in magestic scenes and painterly detail.I also have a number of images on various products for use around the house so feel free to browse and find something neat.


JustaSuta Art + Design

That's the Dream!

Welcome! We've got art prints of your favorite ponies, fandoms, and other fantasy type things~! We got acrylic charms, stickers, notebooks and we take commissions, both digital and traditional! On top of that, we've got some official IDW comics that I've illustrated covers for! Come by and check it!!!


Abigail Starling

You know, like... nya

Abigail Starling is a professional comic book illustrator with credits on My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Aggretsuko. Her table offers a variety of colorful prints, buttons, plush, keychains, and comics!


Sophie Scruggs

Luxury enamel pins, cute bat ponies, and EQG plush!


Way2Weird Productions


Take home the madness of "After the Fact" with products from Silver Quill! Art, clothing, puzzles, books and more! Come check out the array and say hello the Marketing Mallard.


The Geeky Warehouse

Unique pony designs across equestria!

Stop by to find unique enamel pins, prints, stickers and more!! Or try your luck with our mystery Gachapon machine!


Hearth & Home Woodcrafts

Hand selected from mill to table

Made from hand-selected pieces of wood, we create coasters, cutting boards, ornaments, and other engraved products. You can also find other surprises: hand-crafted pens and pencils, flasks and water bottles. Come take a look and discover something new.


Fiaura The Tank Girl, LLC

Fallout: Equestria comes to you with a little piece of The Wasteland.

Do You like Fallout: Equestria? Do you want to see a legally published parody of it? Guess what, this is your shop! Fiaura has plushies, posters, prints, scarves, and most importantly BOOKS Related to Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree; she is the author afterall of that one. She also has Bottles, Bottlecaps, prints, and collector's sets for your Fallout: Equestria needs! Come on in, look around, and enjoy the host of FoE items in time for Hearth's Warming! Grab a coffee cup to say; I was here too.



Pony art, games, and more!

From art and badges, to games and art books, shirts and scarves, pins and more, we have something for everyone! The core re-print of the famous TSSSF will be here as well as several of the expansions, and even some brand new game projects. Come on by!


Wink Ware

what does your heart tell you?

hi I'm  Wink ware, have been attending fan conventions for over 20 years. I make geeky nerdy cute items. I sew, craft and design. I make all sort stuff like Drawstring bags , microfiber cloth, lanyards, key fob, scarf, sticker, button, dice bags, skirts, scrunches and handmade hats. I hope have a clothing line one day.


Choco Pony Tarot and Flags

Special Guest Chocolate Pony is a long time artist in the pony fandom and will be selling popular favorites including the Equestria Tarot Deck and pony flags, as well as an array of enamel pins, badges, Pony TF potions, and more. This year Choco will have a limited amount of Everfree flags for sale for this special event.


Thom Zahler - VIP

Comic Artist

VIP Guest Thom Zahler's vendor table!


Andy Price - VIP

Comic Artist

VIP Guest Andy Price's vendor table!