Tabletop Gaming Staff

Staff the Tabletop Gaming Room at the con.

Electronic Gaming Staff

Staff the Electronic Gaming Room at the con.

Foals Staff

1. Staff the Foal Room at the con.
2. Assist with running Foal Programming Events at-con.

Arts & Crafts Staff

1. Keep the Arts & Crafts room well stocked, ensuring that all of the attendees are having a great experience.
2. Monitor the room for the safety of younger children and other attendees.
3. Must be able to interact with children, as well as navigate tight spaces in a cluttered room.
4. A friendly attitude and welcoming appearance are essential.

Cosplay Repair Staff

Repairs costumes throughout the convention as they get damaged from use.

Charity Staff

1. Staff the Silent Auction.
2. Staff the Live Auction
2. Assist with the Charity Donation Bins.

Cosplay Staff

Assist Cosplay Lead in preparing cosplay events and helping to run them at-con

Horse Relations (HR)

Any Available Position

Want to help out anywhere you can? Don't have a strong preference? Select this option and we'll let you know where you're needed most!

Info Technology (IT)

Registration Staff

1. Prepare badges prior to con.
2. Assist with the processing of badge pick-up at con.
3. Assist with successful delivery of perks to high tier badge holders.
4. Assist with ADA badge distribution.


Royal Guard Dispatch Staff

You will be responsible for manning the desk at the Hub and making sure that volunteers know when to work and where they will be stationed. Must be able to answer general question about the con and layout. Verifying that staff have an appropriate way to contact you and relay information to the Hub. You will also be responsible for overseeing the collection and inventory of lost items that are turned in.

Convention Operations Staff

1. Manage Con Ops
2. Answer questions from staff and potentially attendees.
3. Help coordinate message transfer between departments.
4. Take requests from other departments to pass on to Directors/Leads as needed.

Public Relations (PR)

Info Desk Staff

1. Run the Information Desk.
2. Provide assistance to con goers, including books, lanyards, and general information. Experts in everything that has to do with the venue and history of the convention.
3. Able to direct staff as well as attendees.
4. Has phone numbers for each convention room in use during the con.

Photography Staff

1. Coordinate under the Photography Lead.
2. Use high quality camera to photograph events (with focus on ticketed events) and attendees during the convention.
3. Potentially assist with pre-con projects requiring a photographer.

Vendor Relations

Con Store Staff

1. Collect and handle money in a manner consistent with proper business practices.
2. Maintain a professional attitude and appearance when working with attendees and addressing their questions and concerns.
3. Move con store merchandise into Vendor Hall after closing each day.

Vendor Hall Staff

1. Provide support for Vendors at-con, including delivering water and taking food orders.
2. Control traffic flow at entrance and exit.