Everfree Northwest is pleased to welcome the following people as community guests at our convention!

Dusty "Dustykatt" Rhoades

Who is this goofball? And why can’t people stop staring at that mustache?

Dusty's life is a manly checklist. The son of an auto worker (have you driven a Ford lately?), high school and college athlete (baseball, football), former bodyguard and ranch hand, trained Big Time wrestler, and Harley mechanic whose custom motorcycles have appeared on the cover of "Easyriders." A pessimist would say "he can’t make up his mind;" an optimist would say "no single career is big enough for his mustache."

And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the Manliest Brony in the World?

What's with that? Well, aside from making him grin like someone who just found a twenty dollar bill in his underwear, it’s given him a chance to do what he does best: ham it up. Dusty is known primarily for his livestreamed podcast "Stay Brony My Friends," his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. Dusty fearlessly treads upon the crushed skulls of YouTube trolls and hack journalists as he destroys stereotypes. What he is most proud of, though, is his fans. The finest bronies in the world (his audience... that includes YOU, right?) have come together to raise over 40,000 dollars for a variety of charities. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers, thus explaining why you can see his ugly mug and manly mustache plastered all over movie theaters.

Do you think he’s crazy? One look at those tattoos and you know the answer is "yes." But it's good-crazy. Come join him at http://manliestbrony.com, because crazy is always entertaining.

Stay brony, my friends.


ILoveKimPossibleAlot (KP) is a critic, reviewer, and analyst in the Brony community. Don't let the username fool you, she packs a punch with her content! She is most well recognized for her tribute to Discord's voice actor John de Lancie with her video "Let's Go and Meet John de Lancie." With over 60,000 subscribers, she is known for her humor, her wit, her movie referencing power and being the #1 Discord fangirl on the interwebs!



ShadesofEverfree is a 2D Adobe Flash animator/YouTuber from Georgia. He was pulled into this crazy pony fandom in 2012 and has been happily creating content for it ever since. He has worked in projects such as "Twas the night before Pinkie", the upcoming "Rainbow Factory Movie," and the "Everfree Northwest Promo." He is looking forward to attending Everfree Northwest to Entertain and not cause too much havoc. You can check out more of his work at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadesofEverfree

The Fiery Joker

The Fiery Joker began as a gaming YouTuber before discovering the brony community. He now regularly posts comedic play-by-play comedic reviews of MLP episodes on top of his normal gaming videos. His side series "Taking Too Seriously" serves as slightly more serious reviews and editorials about the community. He is the founder of Military Brony website FOB Equestria, which posts fanfiction and fan music reviews. He is also one of the writers for the FOB Equestria tumblr comic which pokes fun at military life using ponies.


"Greetings and Welcome Everyone. I am DRWolf, and my character is perhaps best known as the "Unofficial" Psychologist for the Brony Fandom. I've been creating MLP Reviews, Analysis, Dramatic Readings, Crossover Parodies, Comic Dubs, and the series "A Moment With DRWolf" on YouTube for near Two Years now. I actually started this channel to work on my voice acting, but it's still a lot of fun finding what inspires me about MLP. This show and the fandom surrounding it has become so intriguing. Quite unlike anything that I have come across before.

Perhaps if you stay awhile, I can help you to find some inspiration too."


In short, JakeWhyman is just a guy who makes nonsensical videos about "Appuls" and Colorful Grumpy Ponies playing video games. What more can you say about this guy? Well, from creating quite a few shorts for "Ponies: The Anthology III" to making Nicolas Cage synonymous with Flash Sentry (a.k.a Brad) in the "Equestria Girls: The Parody Series," JakeWhyman simply strives to create the most ridiculous, weird, and yet strangely entertaining content for the My Little Pony community. So, why not come say "hi" and ask him... "Why, man?!"



The 3D side of the Brony community has been growing in popularity over the past few years and Argodaemon has found himself right in the midst of it. Having joined the fandom back in early 2013, he started using Source Filmmaker to make short animations to pass the time. Since then, he has built quite the name for himself on YouTube as a 3D animator, artist and teacher. While well known for videos like "Leaving the Stable" and "Luna's Banishment", he also spends his time creating content on DeviantArt and running weekly streams for those looking for help in SFM, video creation or just to have a good time.


Magpiepony is a well noted writer, voice actress, and director within the MLP fandom. She is perhaps best known for her production of "Princess Trixie Sparkle;" a mini-series musical. With her leading as writer, producer, editor, and director, PTS has become a very popular YouTube series; garnering over 1 million views.

She is a fandom voice actress and some of her more prominent roles include starring as Trixie for the animated series "My Little Portal: Phase 2" as well as starring as Pinkie and a variety of other noted characters in Obabscribbler's "No Place Like Home."

Magpie is also known for her "Pinkie Sings" reditions of various songs within the fandom such as songs from "Dr. Pinkie and Miss Pie" and her own original songs. She will be joined by her Lead Sound Editor Pegasus PitchVA and the Leading Actress for PTS, (the voice of Trixie and Luna) Raechel Gabriella Anderson.


Pegasus PitchVA

A rapidly growing voice acting channel that originally started as a cover channel. Best know for the slew of comics that I put out every weekday. Lead sound editor and vocal coach for the Voice actors of Princess Trixie Sparkle, a voice actor in the cast, as well as a sound editor for a few other popular youtubers such as Purple Roselyne, and Carmen Mary Medley.


BronyDanceParty is a Youtuber that has provided Animated Pony Music Videos for the fandom since 2012. He has animated projects such as "[PMV] Nightmare Night Music Video," "[PMV] Beyond Her Tomb Music Video," and plenty of other Music Videos for the fandom. BronyDanceParty's videos aren't about characters from the show, but instead, feature original characters that are created by bronies in the fandom.


JHaller is a video producer and pseudo animator who's been making videos about small candy colored horses for 4 years. (What have I been doing with my life?!) He is most well known for his work on his Youtube channel where he produces an array of silly pony related content as well as running the Top Ten Pony Videos of each month. He also is known for his work in the PONIES: The Anthology series as a contributor and a project coordinator in the never ending struggle to roguishly evade Hasbro's online copyright task force. In his spare time, he runs weekly video game/video editing streams and is an avid supporter of the Apple Horse (because she's kind of the best one. You can't really argue about that... oh wait I forgot which fandom we're in here.)

Sherclop Pones

Griffin and Jenny, aka Sherclop Pones, have been living with a cursed amulet for the last 16 years. They can never be free of it no matter where they go or what they do. When the amulet gets upset, bad things start to happen. The amulet can't move if you're looking at it. As far as Griffin and Jenny are aware, the amulet can't read thoughts. The amulet glows red when it hears the word "Rachel."

One day the comedy duo -- and the amulet -- discovered a little show called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." The amulet was instantly hooked, and would not allow Griffin or Jenny to stop watching. During the hiatus, the amulet started writing it's own parody series known as "Friendship is Witchcraft." Griffin and Jenny loved the script so much, they simply had no choice but to produce the series.

Dana Simpson

What is there to say about Dana Claire Simpson? Officially designated Comic Strip SuperstarTM Mother of Unicorns. Knower of an annoying quantity of lyrics to 80s rap songs she doesn't even like, they were just ALL over the radio when she was a kid.

Dana is currently best known as the artist and writer of the syndicated comic strip Phoebe and Her Unicorn (originally known online as Heavenly Nostrils), which has also been published in book form as Phoebe and Her Unicorn and Unicorn on a Roll. Someone named Lauren Faust wrote the introduction to that second one, which will be released on May 26 and will be available at Everfree NW!. Before that she was best known for the long-running online comic strip Ozy and Millie.

Dana has also been doing art for Everfree NW pretty much as long as there's been an Everfree NW, and is responsible for Front Page, the convention's unlikely mascot pony. Also, she wrote this rather self-aggrandizing blurb and did all the annoucement art for our featured guests. She might be watching right now, so just smile and say hi and don't make any sudden moves.


LeekFish isn't your average fan artist- since 2012 the self-proclaimed "magical girl" has been bringing a creative spark to the My Little Pony fandom like no other. Although her star-studded record holds a number of highlights, from Award-Winning Cosplayer to Convention Artist, her most notable achievement thus far would be the whopping $20,000 in contributions to various charity efforts in 2014, utilizing her artistic skill.



While excellent craftsmanship isn’t all that rare in the brony community, SilverSlinger has some impressive skills that set him apart from the rest. Rather than using paper, fabric, or clay, he performs intricate work with various metals (sometimes accented with beautiful stones or enameling) and creates absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry!

SilverSlinger became a brony back in February of 2012, under the alias of ChaoticBrony. After seeing how much My Little Pony has inspired so many to create such beautiful works of art, he decided that he too wanted to contribute to the brony fandom. Therefore, he combined his love of My Little Pony with his 10 years of jewelry designing experience and has made many beautiful designs that are worn by thousands of bronies worldwide.



Screw Loose has been present at many first year and major conventions starting at the ill-fated "Las Pegasus Unicon" in 2012. Embroiderer extraordinaire, he will have the cutie mark or logo your looking for. If there is something special in mind he can design and make it for you. But his talents are not limited to needle and thread. You may recognize his voice in fan made projects such as KPNY on EverFree Network, or as Scooteroll in the fan project "On a Cross and Arrow."



As a brony since 2011, Igor has two long term goals in the fandom. The first is to create fashionable formal-wear accessories with which to allow ponies to be brought into nearly any working environment, and to ever slowly elevate the fashion of the fandom at large. This may be a slow process, but it's certainly a worthwhile one.

The second is, accepting the inevitable AI singularity and our eventual cybernetic overlords, to help make sure that there is pony present there as well. To this end, he has built a virtual reality simulation of Ponyville, with close to a hundred AI ponies, and a slowly expanding series of quests. A demo of this fledgling virtual world will be running at the con via an Oculus Rift and the magic that is modern technology. Donning the headset it is possible for anyone to temporarily abandon their current existence and take on the form of a diminutive equine avatar.



Who is Postitpony? Shhh! Don't spoil the fun if you know! Postitpony is a non-destructive post-note graffiti artist of mischievous fun! Postitpony leaves post-it notes around various parts of the convention, each with a sketch on them. Find one and tag #postitpony on twitter, and postitpony will re-tweet it at https://twitter.com/postitpony. You can take the post-it note for your collection or leave it up for other ponies to discover, it's up to you!

The Apple Family (featuring Casey Robin)

Back in 2012, artist Casey Robin was working from home, watching MLP as she painted. She felt a kinship with Applejack and decided to host a table at Everfree Northwest. Needing help, she asked her real-life family to come along: Ma as Granny Smith and Pa as Big Mac. They set up a Sweet Apple Acres themed booth at the very first Everfree convention, and the Apple Family has been bringing love and apples to ponies ever since. Casey Robin (“Applejack”) is a full-time illustrator in real life. Having worked for Disney, she brings her love of art and animation to the booth, crafting miniature pony portraits or Equestria-themed travel posters. Connie Neal (“Granny Smith”) is Casey’s real-life mom. She enjoys sharing her wit and horse-sense with everypony in her “Ask Granny Smith” sessions. Together, they host Cider Season, defend their business against the Flim-Flam Brothers, and have been known to kick up their hooves in an old-fashioned Apple Family hootenanny. At Sweet Apple Acres, everypony is kin, and everything is made with love and integrity.


Since joining the fandom in May 2011, Toxic-Mario has been known as one of the most active fandom comic artists and one of a couple original comic artists left from pre-season 2. Primarily known for his filly comics, Toxic-Mario one of the few out there that primarily focus on filly ponies and trying to integrate back stories to the ponies as close to canon as he can get. During pony seasons he will primarily focus on normal ponies and making pre-episode comics in which he describes as "trying to guess the episode outcomes as best he can based off the synopsis." Besides comics Toxic-Mario has done numerous DBZ ponies since January 2013. When asked why so many DBZ ponies, he's always mentioned to fans that "it's my favorite anime, it's still my original fandom since is 1998, and I still follow it." He's also popular with his creation, Wereluna, which started in October 2011 and continues drawing her to this day.

This will be Toxic-Mario's first convention EVER coming to the West coast so this is a rare chance for fans to get to meet one of the original comic artists in the fandom.


Viwr-... Viwrstp... Viwrplghthn... ahem "Viw" is a prominent fan artist for My Little Pony that specializes in teaching others how to draw those little equines we love so much. After getting his art degree he fell into teaching, primarily on the r/mlpdrawingschool subreddit, but has been known to tutor on DeviantArt as well. For EverfreeNW he has been a speaker for the last two years' "how to draw" panels. Feel free to stop by his booth in the vendor hall for a quick art lesson, or to discuss drawing and art in general.

The Paper Pony

The Paper Pony consists of a husband and wife duo bringing all manners of nerdiness to life out of cardstock paper. After a Christmas idea gone right, they become addicted to seeing what their favorite characters look like cut out of paper and stretching the limits of the papercraft medium.

"We're lucky that MLP dropped into our lives once upon an unsuspecting trip to Netflix, and are so happy to be reaching out to more of the fandom by traveling to every convention we can get our hooves on! Our drive to see more folks smile by creating a wide variety of pieces, teaching papercraft, and creating the best art we can for charity items, has made the past two years in the MLP art scene some of our happiest."

They look forward to more conventions, more art collabs, more paper, and of course, more ponies in 2015!


The Queen of becoming your waifu IRL is going to be at Everfree Northwest! No, it isn't Queen Chrysalis (good guess though!) It's the always adorable and eternally energetic Bloo!

Though she has been an actor since her birth, from commercials to theater to indie film to voice acting, Bloo became intoxicated by the wide world of cosplay as well as the magic of friendship all in one walloping magical pony transformation sparkle punch in 2012. Her longtime friend Mads confided that she was going to a brand new MLP convention (Everfree NW 2012), but was too scared to cosplay alone. Not being the type to ever skip out on an opportunity for fun, Bloo quickly threw together a DJ Pon3 outfit using everyday clothes from her closet and a wig obtained through Etsy. Since then, many have seen her creating costumes, hosting events, and being a goober all while staying (mostly) in character throughout the conventions in her home of the Pacific Northwest. In 2014, Bloo began to be recognized by the community for her spot on cosplay and performance as Sunset Shimmer over the summer, and during the fall, her Sonata Dusk.

This year, Bloo will be visiting as many conventions as possible, where she plans to teach many curious ponies about the art of cosplay, acting, and bringing a character to life. She is also looking forward to meeting many new friends to make her trademark fish face with. After all, fish face is magic.


Loz Link

Loz Link fell into bronyness when he and his sister were kids. Being first introduced to the cartoon and then the movie with Danny, Megan, Molly, Gusty (his favorite pony), Spike, and The Smooze. He still has and plays with a lot of his ponies from the 1980s with one or two of their outfits and shoes, though he no longer has the castle or the stable! In 2013 Loz attended his first Everfree Northwest as not just a brony, but a media journalist for Optimus Reports. Loz was blown away by the love and acceptance the brony community continually offers. Loz can be seen galloping around in cosplay as a pony version of Link to the Past-ure, the Goblin King Jareth pony, Acorna the Unicorn, and of course the original brony Danny! Who knows who he will interview or cosplay this year!?!

Shy Eye Cosplay

Shy Eye Cosplay began her costuming adventure in 2011, premiering as Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura at Sakura-Con. Since then, she has created numerous cosplays, several of which are My Little Pony themed. You may have seen her at Emerald City Comicon 2015 as Fluttershy, and she was specially filmed by Tabitha St. Germain herself! She was also at BABSCon as Fluttershy again, and premiered her Eris outfit. Currently, Shy Eye is working on Coco Pommel, Princess Cadance, and Princess Twilight Sparkle cosplays. Catch her at Everfree Northwest as Fluttershy, Maid Eris, and perhaps another secret cosplay!

Her best advice for future cosplayers is to not be embarrassed by buying pre-made costumes. Creating an outfit from scratch can be expensive and require a lot of materials. Start small, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Also, be sure your cosplay is always comfortable, as you're liable to be wearing it for hours. Above all, whatever costume you're going for, make sure you're having fun creating it and becoming that character!

Keep up with her current projects by checking out her cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/OxOtooshy

Buck: Legacy

Harrison loves board games, and has always wanted to produce his own. He got that chance when his pony project attracted fans that wanted to see his card game 'Buck: Legacy' manufactured.

After his debut game launched and subsequently sold out, an expansion was released via Kickstarter. Harrison's startup company 'Urban Meadows Publishing' launched the 2nd Edition of Buck: Legacy in late 2014. The 2nd Edition comes in a display box and contains updated cards from 1st Ed. and the 1st Ed. expansion.

Legends of Equestria

In the three years of its ongoing development massively multi-player online game Legends of Equestria has grown to become one of the largest video game projects in the fandom, with multiple cities, group combat, hundreds of NPCs and quests, and over 50 game developers. Now with more than 100,000 players the staff of LoE will be at EFNW showcasing their progress as well as offering insight into how the game is made.

As a player, you will be able to explore the in-depth universe of Legends of Equestria by creating your own custom pony avatar and embarking on many different quests and adventures which can be found throughout the game! You can also fly around, use magic, raise a pet, go on quests, cook food, and take part in countless other activities, either by yourself or with your friends.

You can follow updates for Legends of Equestria at @legendsofeq!

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

Horrible People Games is a crazy team made up of Trick Candle (testing and demolitions), Captain Mwai (the Idea Guy and fleet admiral), and Pixel Prism (art and logistics), and they are creators who live up to their collective business name! You may know them from the card game about making horses kiss for points, Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder: the card game about bad writing and silly pony romance. If not, well, maybe you should get to know them anyway!

PonyFinder (Silver Games LLC)

David Silver, writer of Ponyfinder, is proud to attend Everfree NW, representing Silver Games LLC. He’s aiming to bring adventure and exploration to everypony through the eyes of a pony, griffon, cat, goat, or flaming dog, where the field was normally limited to humans, elves, and dwarves. A prolific writer, David is eager to share advice with other aspiring authors and game designers and encourage adventure in all bronies.

Kyle Elliott is the business manager and marketing coordinator for Ponyfinder from Silver Games LLC. He has worked in the gaming industry as a QA tester on several AAA video game titles, as well as in the tabletop industry as a freelance writer and freelance marketer.

Check out the awesome pony things Silver Games LLC does at ponyfinder.net.


Newbiespud is a jack-of-all-trades content producer with dual passions for gaming and storytelling. In 2011, he started the webcomic Friendship is Dragons, which reimagines the current TV series as the result of an unusual D&D campaign. This appealed to an emerging audience where tabletop roleplayers and pony fans collided. Today, the comic is still going strong, having spawned a d20 system and a podcast, introduced many people to both roleplaying and the magic of ponies, and created a community for pony RPG fans to share their stories every week.

The Gaming Colts

The Gaming Colts are a videogame studio that sprang from a chance meeting at a wonderful party of horsenerds, and aims to promote the thriving gamedev scene within the brony fandom. Here at Everfree Northwest, we are proud to show off our long-awaited new demo for Alicorn Princess Blast with a custom-built arcade cabinet!

Alicorn Princess Blast is an action-packed neoretro shooter loaded with magical explosions, pulse-pounding boss battles, and a thrilling 16-bit soundtrack! Trot by our booth to try your hoof at guiding Princess Zenith through a chilling icy wasteland in her quest to stop the Fearmonger!


There existed a time before my little pony podcasts. I was a harsh time where one had to actually talk in the real world to a person about colorful equines. And then one day Bronyville was published and bronies from across the world could listen to the dulcet tones of bronies obsessing over their favorite pastel horses. It's the MLP podcast with 800+ 5-star iTunes reviews and Top Ten What's Hot for TV & Film for the past four years the podcast has been knocking around the likes of Kevin Smith, Chris Jericho, and Rob Paulson.

For Everfree Northwest this year the two founders of Bronyville Podcast, Apple Cider and Chef Sandy, joins the convention to lend whatever you need! Podcast advice, panel hosting, weight loss tips, brewing advice, voice acting, moist towelettes (while supplies last), and more?


Mic Check

"Mic Check" Dennis Daniel is the host, editor and creator behind the popular Brony online radio program, "Canterlot Radio," the program built by Bronies and FOR BRONIES. Since its launch in 2013, Mic Check and CR have taken the Brony fandom by storm with their unique brand of MLP-themed entertainment and growing outreach to their listeners and fans.

Outside of the Brony fandom, Mic Check is the host of his own hit talk show, "The Dennis Daniel Show," which features interviews with some of the biggest names in voice acting. Past guests have included Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants), Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum), Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and WWE Superstar John Cena. His show is also known for the verbal (and sometimes physical abuse) of Dennis' character by characters done by the actors he interviews.

Even though he’s a community guest, Mic Check is going to keep doing what he does best, and that’s bringing the Brony fandom the best coverage of Everfree NW with photos, video and interviews with all the special guests. Of course, all work and no play makes Mic Check a dull Brony, so he’ll make sure to take some time to himself to shake hands and talk with all of the attendees this year.


Sam "PonyToast" Swicegood

It's your host, the man they call Toast! Sam "PonyToast" Swicegood is a Baltimore, MD native now living in Cincinnati, OH. From fanfiction to vector art to music, he's done a little bit of it all, but he is best known as the host of one of the oldest Brony podcasts, True Equestria Radio, in addition to his annual New Years Eve top 50 countdown, both on PonyvilleLive. Toast has also been a community guest at Trotcon and has hosted several charity auctions at Brony conventions.

In real life, PonyToast is a professional voice actor and freelance writer, whose marketing and branding tips have been featured on CIO.com. You can follow him on twitter @PonyToast!


Asylum is a longtime member of the community, having been lurking around dA and FIMFiction since mid-2012. His claims to fame are his socio-political/slice-of-life fanfic "Cry for Eternity," and being a former moderator of MegaBronyUpload on DeviantArt.


Hello y'all! The name's Brony2893, or Edward. Most of you probably know me for my works "To Love a Goddess," as well as, "Random Acts of Generosity."

I got interested in MLP around the beginning of the second season. I watched the first season on Youtube and, well, I was hooked. Writing wasn’t something I tried until near the end of 2012, after months of reading pony-fictions, and studying how the best authors wrote. I crafted my own style, experimented around and finally settled on a style of writing I'm comfortable with, and other people seem to enjoy.

And that about wraps it up for me. I hope to see a lot of you there /]

Cloud Hop

I'm a software developer from Redmond, Washington, who has written several zany stories that many have found amusing, including Bastian, Chrysalis Kidnaps Rainbow Dash For 10 Minutes, and Twilight Ships Rainbow Dash With Everything In The Universe. When I'm not writing incredibly silly comedies, I dabble in writing music and being a very bad mathematician (which may explain my love of incomprehensible math jargon). I've been active in the fandom since I started writing stories on FIMFiction in 2013, but I've been a fan of the show since early 2012.

Pen Stroke

A Wyoming native and current resident of Gendale, CA, Pen Stroke has been around the fandom since Season 1. His most well known story, Past Sins, has seen two non-profit, hardback printings, and has been the most followed author on FIMFiction for over a year now. He's a veteran attendee of Everfree NW, and every year is a participant in the conventions well known writing track panels.


Once upon a time there was a unemployed English teacher living with his mom, watching shows about pastel colored, talking ponies, who thought, "I know! I'll try writing and putting out a fanfic!" After much wailing and gnashing of grammar, this poor soul managed to bang out a few short stories that where somewhat decent: Simply Rarity, What's Eating Rainbow Dash, and Rarity's Rodeo. This poor fellow then stumbled upon one of the greatest stories in the MLP fandom... Fallout: Equestria! And after many chapters, Kkat broke this poor fellow by actually making him weep for Diamond Tiara. From that moment on, he was hooked to the story, and one day, this marginally employed substitute teacher had the insidious thought: "I wonder if I could make a Fo:E fanfic?"

Almost four years and 1.6 million words later, that fanfic, Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, would expand to become one of the longest novels in the English language. Its writer, Somber, and its many devoted editors, have worked to bring this massive story to its conclusion. And with the generous support of several readers of the story, Somber finally had the dream of leaving the tiny, dingy, overpriced apartment that is his sanctuary and facing the greatest challenge of all: meeting those people face to face.

Tony "GaryOak" Genovese

Tony "GaryOak" Genovese is an award-winning creative writing major currently studying at Vancouver Island University. He began writing in 2011 with his Equestria Daily featured epic, Repercussions, published in 2012-13. Since then, he has gone on to publish several other works that have been featured by Equestria Daily and The Royal Guard, including A Feather in Her Cap and Twilight Sparkle's Not-So-Secret Shipfic Folder (Everfree Northwest's 2014 Iron Author, 3rd place).

GaryOak has experience writing show-style episode scripts of Friendship is Magic, which were university projects in addition to short pony stories, including The Sundering. On top of the pony stories, he has been working on a non-pony young adult novel, Flight of the Swan, which is reaching the later stages of development. A panel veteran of Everfree Northwest 2014 and BronyCAN 2013-14, Gary is also a technical writing specialist, a prereader of The Royal Guard, a lover of puns, and a master of the absurd.

Horse Voice

Since 2012, Horse Voice has accumulated a reputation for writing quality horror stories, often involving plots and concepts considered impossible to do well. Works of note include the critically acclaimed Writing on the Wall and the controversial tragedy Biblical Monsters. His stories have been featured by Equestria Daily, The Royal Guard, the Pony Fiction Vault, the Royal Canterlot Library, Seattle's Angels, The Last Roundup, and One Man's Pony Ramblings. Two of these have been made into audiobooks by well-known fandom personalities Obabscribbler and Illya Leonov. Last but not least, he is a mentor and known associate of up-and-comer Tony "GaryOak" Genovese.

G.R.R. Mareton

G.R.R. Mareton is a published author, graphic artist and creator of The Tao of Maud project. He was intrigued with the idea of an animated program that created its own centered moral code, and particularly struck by how one particular character portrayed the ideals of Eastern philosophy. Through The Tao of Maud, GRRM works to spread a positive message in the MLP community, drawing on wisdom from multiple sources and presented daily based on themes suggested by the ponies themselves. So far, the project has featured weeks themed around the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, and even “the great and powerful” Trixie (her theme was jealousy). The original plan was to produce daily koans and aphorisms for a single year (365 days), but enough material has been collected to curate the project well beyond that at this point.

You can follow the Tao of Maud daily on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Instagram. One other way to follow on Twitter is via Ingrid Nilson (@yogiingrid), the voice of Maud Pie and herself a student of Eastern philosophy. She often retweets the Tao of Maud messages with her own comments. You can also see all the posts to date, grouped by pony and attribute, at The Tao of Maud website, www.TaoOfMaud.com. Suggestions are always welcome for themes and ponies you would like to see featured in future weeks.

Mareton is also a parody writer and created the Song of Frost and Fire saga as part of his OC. The first story, The Frost Dragon, will be published as a free e-book later this summer. Other upcoming titles in the series include A Game of Ponies, A Clash of Colts, A Storm of Stallions, A Feast for Fillies, A Prance with Pegasi, and The Wings of Winter.

Foal Papers

Foal Papers is chiefly known in the brony community for having once been a great lord of Númenor, to whom Sauron the Deceiver gifted one of the nine Rings of Power. Blinded by his greed and desire for conquest, Foal took the ring, and was swiftly corrupted by it, twisted beyond recognition into one of the thrice-accurs’d Nazgûl. Darkness goes with him, and he cries with the voice of doom. He’s also fond of jaffa cakes, tweeting, and classical mythology.


Ckat_Myla's love of colorful ponies began when she was a small child watching My Little Pony Tales and wondering why the ponies took showers in bathrooms and rode the bus. In 2011 she discovered Friendship is Magic and began writing her own stories about colorful ponies (where they took baths and rode trains, which is much more believable).

With about a decade of fic writing and a degree from the Institute for Children's Literature under her belt, she has some level of skill to give the fandom, most of which has gone into her Sympathy Series (A Pony's Sympathy, Deja Discord, and Dealing in Harmony), the first story of which was written in 2011 and published to FIMFiction the next year. All of them are surrounding Discord, so you have him to thank/blame.

An up-and-coming internet voice actress, Ckat has been working on and off on various vocal undertakings since 2008. In the pony fandom she is known for a few projects including the audio version of the first few chapters of The Sisters Doo by Ponky (where she and Statoose play all the roles), and most recently providing the voice for Everfree Northwest's own Front Page.

She loves green tea and if she had a catchphrase it would probably be 'I'm sorry'.

Iambic Hexameter

Sharif S. or Iambic Hexameter has spent most of the brony phenomenon getting his master's degree in creative writing from USC. During this time he not only obsessed about ponies but about the questions of why My Little Pony is good, how it's good, and most importantly "How can I make something like that?!"

He's a published poet and fiction writer who is breaking into television writing. He has hosted literary panels at Equestria LA, BABSCon, and has delivered a poem called "Best Pony" at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.


A fanfic author and aspiring novelist who, for better or for worse, has been inflicting his horsewords on FIMFiction and Equestria Daily for years. His hobbies include arguing with people who are wrong on the internet, keeping cars on the road that probably shouldn't be, annoying his pet horse, and procrastination. He'll now be attending EFNW for the third time, happily sharing everything he's learned.

Find him and his stories at his FIMFiction.


Techsmith by day, and stunt-writer by night, Xepher has been writing fantasy and science fiction since his early college days at the turn of the century... at least when he wasn't busy fighting the machine uprising at his day job. Diving into the Pony community in 2012, he found his home at Everfree Northwest in 2013 and joined the writing track staff the following year. He's been working his tail off ever since, juggling everything from coding the Iron Author contest system to playing editor-in-chief for the weekly EFNW Fanfic Spotlight newsletter.

Aside from his work with EFNW, he likes to say that he doesn't write, so much as he performs acts of high-wire fiction without a net. As such, he's perhaps best known for his surprisingly popular (at least to him) story Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World and its ongoing sequel, The Hole In The Sun. Well, either that, or his loquacious diction and absolutely abysmal failure to provide regular updates to the aforementioned story. He believes strongly in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.

Please direct any questions to communityguests@everfreenw.com.