Independent development studio working on the production of the game: Alicorn Princess Blast. We have some merchandise related to the game as well as demo equipment.

Table 64

Ardail's Coffey Shope

Failure just lets you learn more

I'm a self taught artist that's been drawing since 2012. I don't have one favorite pony so you'll see many different characters and crossovers at my table.

Want some pony Tron art? Got it! Need an epic metal gear twilight picture for your room? Also got you covered!

And I always try to have the best prices so even if you don't have a lot to spend after expenses for the trip you'll still be able to afford something to take home to remember Everfree NW this year!

Ashley Nichols Art is an illustrator who specializes in prints, buttons, wall scrolls, and commissions. She is also the head of the Friendship is Wild charity artbook.

Hats and flasks

Unique and exciting handmade quality items made with love and strong attention to detail.

Table 61


Bringing your dreams to Reality

I'm a freelance illustrator from the Detroit area. I dabble in many areas but not limited to MLP:FiM fan art, Anthro, Fantasy, Portraits, and Landscapes.

Table 62



Do you just happen to be short on various types of merchandise featuring beautiful artwork of technicolor horses? Then boy, do I have the booth for you. Braeburned's been drawing these darn horses for years and traveled from con to con selling them, and for the first time, made it up to EFNW! Stop by to say hello! And also, potentially, to purchase some things with horses on them.

Table 27

The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated

Bronies giving thanks for the show through charity

The Brony Thank You Fund is the fandom's only 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity. The Fund supports children and young adults through donations to organizations such as Toys for Tots and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In 2014, the Fund endowed the Derpy Hooves Scholarship for Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

Table 16

Buck: Legacy

Harrison loves board games, and has always wanted to produce his own. He got that chance when his pony project attracted fans that wanted to see his card game 'Buck: Legacy' manufactured.

After his debut game launched and subsequently sold out, an expansion was released via Kickstarter. Harrison's startup company 'Urban Meadows Publishing' launched the 2nd Edition of Buck: Legacy in late 2014. The 2nd Edition comes in a display box and contains updated cards from 1st Ed. and the 1st Ed. expansion.

Table 73

Chocolate Pony

Art is literal Magic. Both are acts of manipulating symbols to achieve changes.

Chocolate Pony/SouthParkTaoist, long time fandom artist and convention vendor. He will selling the famous Equestria Tarot cards, Pony Racing Card Game, Changeling Takeover Game, art prints, wall scrolls, buttons, badges, keychains, coins, and more, as well as on site art commissions.

Table 8

Christa D Designs


Prints, stickers, accessories and sculptures of ponies and more!

Table 24


Literally made in front of you. Literally.

I make custom etched glass and car decals of any image on-site at the convention. Takes ~15min.

Table 42


Where your strong convictions are, there your art can be.

Put up stained-glass inspired portraits and other inspirational paintings: paper prints for your walls, translucent prints for your windows!

Table 5

Cute Kick

The shop to fulfill that kick of cuteness!

Come here for your fill of cute, handmade creations for you to wear, hug, and love. Making custom hats, plushies,and trinkets is my favorite hobby, so stop by if you would like a completely personal, one of a kind item.

Table 34

Cutie Corral

Cutie Corral makes everything Pony from cute Chibi plush to Fleece Ears and Tails, to amazing prints!

We create Custom Embroidery, Vinyl Stickers on site and direct to you! Get your cutie mark or unique logo made as you wait.

Table 66

Dana Simpson

Comic creator of Ozy and Millie and Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Dana was also the creator of the Everfree Northwest mascot Front Page! The second book compilation of Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Unicorn on a Roll, will be available at her vendor table.

Table 45


The artist behind the popular tumblr blogs Student of the Night and Lunadoodle, plenty of pretty pony prints and more!

We love ponies! and love bringing fan made items to other fans! We bring affordable and quality items.

Table 77

derangedhyena art

Everything's better with mecha.

I focus on "mecha-ized" versions of characters, in addition to less metal ponies and our favorite 'catch 'em all' critters. I offer a variety of prints and bookmarks, as well as select painted-canvas and woodburned original pieces. My specialty is quick digital-art commissions; need your OC illustrated? Come see me!

Table 60

Dr. Badenov

Metal will never die.

Artist. Selling prints, figures, commissions, and...more?

Table 70


I sell pony art and pony art accessories, I'll tell you wot!

Table 12


We have high quality My Little Pony plushies and beautiful artwork for sale.

We also have a video game that is in development that will be on display.

Table 40


Digital and painted works by FlowingChiaki.

Table 52

Frog & Cog Creations

Yes, that is a shark on a moped!

Frog and Cog Creations is an artistic joint effort by best friends Christina Rubenstein (GopherFrog) and Robyn Burdick (Coggler). We work together to create unique, one-of-a-kind works of art to tickle just about anyone's fancy! Armed with pens, tablets, and exacto knives, our cute, colorful, charismatic creations will carve their way into your hearts! So come collect our cute crafts, purchase our perfectly playful prints, or just join us for some jolly jabbering!

Table 69


Cute ponies with big ol' hooves! Cute pony art prints and accessories all drawn by Grenadder

Table 46

ichi neko designs

I make all the things! Cuteness abound! Sewing and drawing are my fortes, and I enjoy prop making as well.

Table 39

InkKey Studios and Mandarr

Unlocking our potential!

Two locals girls with dreams of making it big with their art. Selling prints of our art, cell phone charms, watercolors, commissions and many other wares!

Table 1

Jabber Cards

Resellers of Enterplay

Table 6

Julie Lane

Cute n cuddly or whatever you want!

Prints and hand made goods and art, done in a clean, simple style.

Table 74

KefkaFloyd Prints & Art

Make Some Friends!

Make Some Friends and stop on by to KefkaFloyd Prints & Art where you can pick up inspirational artwork to decorate any place! Brought to you by KF himself, the creator of the MLP Color Guides and professional designer. Whether it's a bouncy poster reminding you to smile or a button with your favorite character, you're sure to leave with something you like.

Table 59

Kiriska / Fake Lemonade Stand

Absolutely nothing at this table is lemonade!

Illustrations and custom art of a whimsy and surreal sort.

Table 19


Magical Girl of Creativity and Charity!

LeekFish is a digital artist specializing in a number of colorful styles, and probably best known for her work for charities and conventions. Her booth will feature a plethora of prints, postcards, wall scrolls, and vinyl decals.

Table 21

LuvCherie Jewelry

Elegant geek fandom & nerd whimsy jewelry

I create elegant, whimsical jewelry for girly geeks who love to show of their fandoms and want to add a little happy to their day.

Table 63


Yes, THOSE pony badges!

Pony badges, original art, comics and more!

Table 11

My Little Ties

The finest provider of MLP inspired formalwear nonpareil!

Fancy silk pony ties, pins, and coasters. Bow ties too. And I now have a Ponyville Virtual Reality demo too!

Featuring art prints by the freelance artist Naive Wolf Josh.

I specialize in designing & handcrafting crochet MLP & Pokemon plush toys that are unique collectibles. I do OC work as well!

Table 67


A local freelance artist specializing in cute and colorful artwork that's sure to please! Offering custom commissions for badges and sketches as well as selling prints, stickers, pre-made badges!

Table 30

The Paper Pony

We wish we had our work cut out for us!

We craft 3D paper art layered into a shadowbox frame. All of our products come ready to hang on the wall!

Table 38


Stop by my booth for a plethora of pony prints and original framed artwork!

Table 55

Ponies from Scratch and Hirurux Art

Pony plushies and art for all!!

Hirurux is a digital artist dedicated to creating top-notch pony art. He prides himself on his fair-priced, quality merchandise, and the wide selection to choose from.

Ponies from Scratch is built on providing cuddly, huggable, and affordable plushies for the rest of us! Using remnants from fabric stores, she is able to keep her prices low, while providing a lovely, quality, pony plush that you can actually hug and play with! Her design is based on the principle that your plushies should be able to be soft and squeezable. Affordable commissions are also available for those who want a little something of their own design!

Table 4

The Pony Perler Parlor

Bead Sprites, Novelities, and Oddities

Original My Little Pony-themed bead sprites and other hobby crafts! Decal, mini-prints, and artwork for all your artful needs.

Table 3

Pretty Pixelations

Pretty Pixelations designs and crafts bead sprites and cross-stitch patterns with a retro 8-bit aesthetic. All of our work is original (not modified from existing video game sprites). We've also been known to make prints, buttons, bookmarks, plushes, coasters, and con badges!

Table 76

Princess Gryph's Customs

You WANT it... You NEED it... You REALLY like their MANE!

Custom pony toys of all varieties, hoof-made apparel, and other original pieces. High-quality 3D printed accessories. Collectible cards. Brony Mom Tees.

Purple Tinker, the crazy mad scientist who created the first brony convention, brings her unique blend of posters, prints, and tons of hard-to-find toys and cards. Always a huge booth, with something for everypony.

Table 26

Raven Brush

I'm an artist through and through, let me create something just for you!

I am a traditional artist looking to provide ponies with one-of-a-kind, no-two-alike pieces of fine art! All of my product is lovingly handcrafted by traditional means ranging from canvas art, shadowboxes, journals and more! I will also be ready to take commissions along with having a large stock of art!

Table 25

Riven's Vagaries

Looking for the useful geekery? We got you!

We make geekery! Everything from lanyards to hats, jewelry to pillows, and even buttons and keychains! Come check us out and play 'Where's Riven?' with us this year!

Table 14


Custom plushies from the heart <3

Ponies by RubioWolf is a great place to check out for custom, hand-made My Little Pony plushies. I, RubioWolf, specialize in both canon characters (including but not limited to the mane 6 and background ponies) as well as Original Characters (OCs). My current available sizes are 7 inch fillies/colts, 9 inch beanies, 10 inch mares, 11 inch stallions, 14 inch mares, 14 inch beanies, 15 inch stallions, and 15+ inch princesses. Each plushie is made with love and comes from a pet free, smoke free environment.

We are a pair of twin sisters who have been with Everfree since it began! We specialize in custom plushies, jewelry, glassware, and various other products. We both have a passion for creating and crafting, and have had our own small business since we were 10 years old. Stop by if you want a unique, personalized product that is made with care, expertise, and an eye for detail.

Table 50

Silver Games LLC

Creators of Ponyfinder

Makers of Ponyfinder, we will be offering the primary book, the new griffon expansion, maps, figures, plushes, dice, and prints to get your pony roleplaying on.

Table 44


I twist & bend metal to my will!

While excellent craftsmanship isn't all that rare in the brony community, SilverSlinger has some impressive skills that set him apart from the rest. Rather than using paper, fabric, or clay, he performs intricate work with various metals (sometimes accented with beautiful stones or enameling) and creates absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry!

Table 75

Snuggle T's

Your one stop shop for customizable jerseys and shirts.

Table 20

Steve Holt!

Waluigi gonna win.

Horses are here.

Table 32

Sugar Clay Cafe

Magical Gifts, Pink Booth & Your Smile ^_^

A variety of SWAG! The original creators of the "Pony Dog Tag" and our military approved Thunder-corn, to pillows, plush, bags, wings and more!

<3 *Find a treasure for everypony !* <3

Table 28

SugarCube Corner

A one stop shop for all your freshly baked t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags and more. We serve up the tastiest styles for both men and women. Come on by and see us.

Table 51

Sweet Apple Acres

Made with love and integrity

We aim to bring the authentic Sweet Apple Acres experience to everypony at Everfree. Drop on by for a bushel of Apple-themed goods, Apple Family souveneirs, and products featuring original art by Applejack, herself (Casey Robin, to non-pony folk). You know Applejack and Granny Smith will be there to greet you. Everypony who comes to Sweet Apple Acres is kin to us! Oh, and be sure not to be late for Cider Season, or Pinkie Pie might drink us dry.

Table 57


Ponies are driving me to do comics!

Heyo I am Toxic-Mario. I am a well known comic artist in the MLP fandom and I sell a wide range of stuff that is all original pony work from me.

Table 15


Official merchandise made by fans for fans. Expect to see unique and creative items at my table.

Table 17

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

The card game about bad writing and silly pony romance!

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder is a card game about bad writing and silly pony romance! Come pick up a deck, learn to play, and more! Exclusive EFNW15 card available.

Come for the AppleDash; stay for the CrackleDash!

We are an amazing group of artists striving for creativity and quality in the items you can find at this delightful table. We are collaborating to bring attendees of EFNW quality patches, original artwork, and decorative buttons inspired by Friendship is Magic.

Table 68


Art: Its mosly dark to light

Glossy high quality prints of glossy high quality ponies.

Table 43

Waffle Wishes / Dakimakura Dreams

Waffle Wishes: ... eyup.

Custom Playing Cards and Hug Pillows

Table 48

Wolf Beats | Rainbow Dash Presents

Creativity. Encouraged.

Prints, Vinyls, CDs, Music, Stickers and art!

Love Fan Conventions?

Everfree Northwest is proud to support other fan conventions throughout the country. These conventions will have tables in front of the Emerald Hall (Mane Stage), so be sure to stop by and learn about their events!