It’s time to get your Button Mash on in this Gaming edition of Everfree Northwest’s 2015 Community Guests! We have everything. from MMOs to card game to tabletop RPGs to video games, in store for you today. So come and get your game on in Seattle May 29-31 at Everfree NW!

Harrison ‘Urban’ Hochkins (‘Buck: Legacy’)

Harrison loves board games, and has always wanted to produce his own. He got that chance when his pony project attracted fans that wanted to see his card game ‘Buck: Legacy’ manufactured.

After his debut game launched and subsequently sold out, an expansion was released via Kickstarter. Harrison’s startup company ‘Urban Meadows Publishing’ launched the 2nd Edition of Buck: Legacy in late 2014. The 2nd Edition comes in a display box and contains updated cards from 1st Ed. and the 1st Ed. expansion.

Check out ‘Buck:Legacy’ at!

Legends of Equestria

In the three years of its ongoing development massively multi-player online game Legends of Equestria has grown to become one of the largest video game projects in the fandom, with multiple cities, group combat, hundreds of NPCs and quests, and over 50 game developers. Now with more than 100,000 players the staff of LoE will be at EFNW showcasing their progress as well as offering insight into how the game is made.

As a player, you will be able to explore the in-depth universe of Legends of Equestria by creating your own custom pony avatar and embarking on many different quests and adventures which can be found throughout the game! You can also fly around, use magic, raise a pet, go on quests, cook food, and take part in countless other activities, either by yourself or with your friends

You can follow updates for Legends of Equestria on Twitter at @legendsofeq and at their website!

Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder

Horrible People Games is a crazy team made up of Trick Candle (testing and demolitions), Captain Mwai (the Idea Guy and fleet admiral), and Pixel Prism (art and logistics), and they are creators who live up to their collective business name! You may know them from the card game about making horses kiss for points, Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder: the card game about bad writing and silly pony romance. If not, well, maybe you should get to know them anyway!

Visit their tumblr at!

PonyFinder (Silver Games LLC)

David Silver, writer of Ponyfinder, is proud to attend Everfree NW, representing Silver Games LLC. He’s aiming to bring adventure and exploration to everypony through the eyes of a pony, griffon, cat, goat, or flaming dog, where the field was normally limited to humans, elves, and dwarves. A prolific writer, David is eager to share advice with other aspiring authors and game designers and encourage adventure in all bronies.

Kyle Elliott is the business manager and marketing coordinator for Ponyfinder from Silver Games LLC.  He has worked in the gaming industry as a QA tester on several AAA video game titles, as well as in the tabletop industry as a freelance writer and freelance marketer.

Check out the awesome pony things Silver Games LLC does at

Newbiespud (‘Friendship is Dragons’)

Newbiespud is a jack-of-all-trades content producer with dual passions for gaming and storytelling. In 2011, he started the webcomic Friendship is Dragons, which reimagines the current TV series as the result of an unusual D&D campaign. This appealed to an emerging audience where tabletop roleplayers and pony fans collided. Today, the comic is still going strong, having spawned a d20 system and a podcast, introduced many people to both roleplaying and the magic of ponies, and created a community for pony RPG fans to share their stories every week.

Check out ‘Friendship is Dragons’ at!

The Gaming Colts

The Gaming Colts are a videogame studio that sprang from a chance meeting at a wonderful party of horsenerds, and aims to promote the thriving gamedev scene within the brony fandom. Here at Everfree Northwest, we are proud to show off our long-awaited new demo for Alicorn Princess Blast with a custom-built arcade cabinet!

Alicorn Princess Blast is an action-packed neoretro shooter loaded with magical explosions, pulse-pounding boss battles, and a thrilling 16-bit soundtrack! Trot by our booth to try your hoof at guiding Princess Zenith through a chilling icy wasteland in her quest to stop the Fearmonger!

Check our their website at!


Wow, so many fantastic gaming guests are coming to Everfree NW this year, and you’ll have plenty of time to play their games (and many others) in our 24 hour Tabletop and Electronic Gaming Rooms!

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