Hello everypony!

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the Special Guests of Everfree Northwest? How about dinner with Discord? Or breakfast with Celestia? Maybe you want to learn from the pros, at a Voice Acting Class! Or get feedback on an original show idea you’ve had in your mind?

Well, now you can! Tickets for these limited special events are available now to everypony! But they’re going fast, , so don’t delay! Seating is limited, and once these events are sold out, no more will be available! More details on the events and dates/times are available at the time of purchase. Follow this link to get your tickets now!

This year, we are pleased to offer:

Breakfast with Celestia$200

Wake up with Celestia and celebrate the new day with Nicole Oliver! Come and join the Princess of the sun for a delightful, leisurely meal. Your exclusive ticket includes a world class, full service breakfast, so come hungry!
Dinner with Discord$250

Come dine with the Draconequus himself, Discord! You’ll get to be up close and personal with John de Lancie, while enjoying a delicious evening meal. Dinner is included with your ticket, so bring your appetite!
Voice Acting Class with Lee Tockar$150

Ever wanted to learn from one of the pros? Come to this special event, and join in on a private voice acting class taught by Lee Tockar.
Mock Pitch Meeting with Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen$150

Come and pitch your original ideas to Directors Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen! Ever wanted to start your own television show or movie? Get genuine feedback on your script from Jim and Jay, in this exclusive and limited event! All content must be original and created by YOU. Anything relating to My Little Pony or currently existing works will not be allowed to be pitched. Don’t come empty hooved, get those creative juices flowing!
Sherclop Pones Variety Show (featuring John de Lancie)$40

The celebrated creators of Friendship is Witchcraft team up with the Master of Mischief himself, John de Lancie! Join us for this exclusive variety show hosted by everpony’s favorite horse detective. Hurry, as tickets and seating are limited!


Please email any questions to with the subject Ticketed Events. We will respond as soon as possible with any inquiries.

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