The always fun and fantastic show writer and author, M.A. Larson, will be joining our roster of amazing Special Guests at Everfree Northwest 2015!

M.A. Larson is a film/television/book/bio writer from Los Angeles, California.  He has written on a variety of series, such as Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Littlest Pet Shop, Sym-Bionic Titan, and Gravity Falls. His first novel, “Pennyroyal Academy”, was published  in October 2014, with a sequel planned for winter 2015.  The film rights  have been purchased by Lionsgate Films, with Reese Witherspoon  producing.  Larson can happily confirm what any thinking person already knows: Rarity is best pony.

So if you want to see (and possibly thank!) M.A. Larson in person, be sure to join us in Seattle May 29-31. And who knows, maybe he’ll make you a princess!


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(Artwork by Dana “Pedantia” Simpson)

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