We have a fun grab bag of Community Guests to announce today, from artists to aspiring Classics scholars! There’s a bit of something for everypony. And we even have the Apple Family joining us! So read on to learn a little bit about our most recent Everfree Northwest Community Guests!

Pegasus PitchVA

A rapidly growing voice acting channel that originally started as a cover channel. Best know for the slew of comics put out every weekday. Lead sound editor and vocal coach for the Voice actors of Princess Trixie Sparkle, A voice actor in the cast,  as well as a sound editor for a few other popular youtubers such as Purple Roselyne, and Carmen Mary Medley.

G.R.R. Mareton

G.R.R. Mareton is a published author, graphic artist and creator of The Tao of Maud project. He was intrigued with the idea of an animated program that created its own centered moral code, and particularly struck by how one particular character portrayed the ideals of Eastern philosophy. Through The Tao of Maud, GRRM works to spread a positive message in the MLP community, drawing on wisdom from multiple sources and presented daily based on themes suggested by the ponies themselves. So far, the project has featured weeks themed around the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, and even “the great and powerful” Trixie (her theme was jealousy).  The original plan was to produce daily koans and aphorisms for a single year (365 days), but enough material has been collected to curate the project well beyond that at this point.

You can follow the Tao of Maud daily on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Instagram. One other way to follow on Twitter is via Ingrid Nilson (@yogiingrid), the voice of Maud Pie and herself a student of Eastern philosophy. She often retweets the Tao of Maud messages with her own comments. You can also see all the posts to date, grouped by pony and attribute, at The Tao of Maud website,  Suggestions are always welcome for themes and ponies you would like to see featured in future weeks.

Mareton is also a parody writer and created the Song of Frost and Fire saga as part of his OC. The first story, The Frost Dragon, will be published as a free e-book later this summer. Other upcoming titles in the series include A Game of Ponies, A Clash of Colts, A Storm of Stallions, A Feast for Fillies, A Prance with Pegasi and The Wings of Winter.


Who is Postitpony? Shhh! Don’t spoil the fun if you know! Postitpony is a non-destructive post-note graffiti artist of mischievous fun! Postitpony leaves post-it notes around various parts of the convention, each with a sketch on them. Find one and tag #postitpony on twitter, and postitpony will re-tweet it at

You can take the post-it note for your collection or leave it up for other ponies to discover, it’s up to you!

Foal Papers

Foal Papers is chiefly known in the brony community for having once been a great lord of Númenor, to whom Sauron the Deceiver gifted one of the nine Rings of Power. Blinded by his greed and desire for conquest, Foal took the ring, and was swiftly corrupted by it, twisted beyond recognition into one of the thrice-accurs’d Nazgûl. Darkness goes with him, and he cries with the voice of doom. He’s also fond of jaffa cakes, tweeting, and classical mythology.”

The Apple Family (featuring illustrator Casey Robin)

Back in 2012, artist Casey Robin was working from home, watching MLP as she painted. She felt a kinship with Applejack and decided to host a table at Everfree Northwest. Needing help, she asked her real-life family to come along: Ma as Granny Smith and Pa as Big Mac. They set up a Sweet Apple Acres themed booth at the very first Everfree convention, and the Apple Family has been bringing love and apples to ponies ever since. Casey Robin (“Applejack”) is a full-time illustrator in real life. Having worked for Disney, she brings her love of art and animation to the booth, crafting miniature pony portraits or Equestria-themed travel posters. Connie Neal (“Granny Smith”) is Casey’s real-life mom. She enjoys sharing her wit and horse-sense with everypony in her “Ask Granny Smith” sessions. Together, they host Cider Season, defend their business against the Flim-Flam Brothers, and have been known to kick up their hooves in an old-fashioned Apple Family hootenanny. At Sweet Apple Acres, everypony is kin, and everything is made with love and integrity.


Everfree Northwest is less than three weeks away, this May 29-31 in Seattle, WA! There is still time to pre-register for the convention. Come and meet these and many other fantastic Community Guests in person!

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