We here a full schedule of My Little Pony Collectible Card Game (MLP:CCG) events this year at Everfree Northwest, hosted by the convention and sponsored by Jabber Cards! Come by our area this weekend for all kinds of events – standard Harmony and draft tournaments, plus a chaotic sealed charity tournament, learn to play demos, and more!


May 29th – 31st at Everfree Northwest at the SeaTac Hilton


We have a space dedicated to MLP:CCG for all three days of the con, located on the north end of the conference center. Events will be running between 9 AM and 10 PM, and the space will be open for casual play the rest of the time!


Learn to Play

Want to see who can solve problems the best? Everypony is welcome to come and learn the basics of playing the official My Little Pony Collectible Card Game. No prior gaming experience needed! Demos are free and at the end you’ll get a pack (while supplies last) for stopping by!

  • Friday: 10 AM – 11 AM, 11 PM – Midnight
  • Saturday: 10 AM – Noon, 1 PM – 3 PM, 8 PM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 12 AM

After the night sessions, stick around for casual play!

Alternate Format Casual Play

Ever wanted to try the monthly Chaos format, a three player match or Sisterhooves Social (a fan-created 2v2 format)? Play with others interested in trying them as well!

  • Saturday: 1 PM – 3 PM

Continuous Chaos Charity Sealed Tournament

Looking for some silliness in your cards? In this totally not serious event, players will receive 8 packs of cards to build a deck from, then play in a charity tournament with crazy rule changes, off the wall prizes and a big heap of Chaos!

  • Friday 5 PM – 9 PM. Registration opens at 10 AM Friday in the Foyer
  • Random pairings, 3 rounds of an hour each
  • Packs: 5 AD, 1 CG, 1 CN, 1 PR
  • Entry fee is $20 – all proceeds will go to Toys for Tots
  • 52 players max
  • Expect chaos!


Everypony is welcome to put their deck building skills to the test in this 4-pack draft tournament – you’ll use the cards you pick to create a deck during the event!

  • Saturday 9 AM – Noon. Registration is at the Jabber Cards booth
  • 4 rounds of Swiss, 30 minutes each. Pods of 5-9 people
  • Packs: 2 AD, 1 CG, 1 CN
  • Entry fee is $10
  • Random prizes given out during the event!
  • Each win gets you a pack!
  • 40 players max
  • Prior play experience recommended

Mane Tournament

Come one, come all and show off your amazing problem solving skills! Bring your best deck and compete to solve problems, get prizes and have fun! The top four players from each flight will go on to the Finals on Sunday.

  • Flight 1: Friday Noon – 4 PM. Registration opens at 10 AM Friday in the Foyer
  • Flight 2: Saturday 4 PM – 8 PM. Registration opens at 5 PM Friday in the Foyer
  • Harmony format, 5 rounds of Swiss, 30 minutes each
  • Constructed (bring your own deck)
  • Flights are free to enter! You still need to give us a deck list though :)
  • Random prizes given out during the event!
  • Prize packs awarded for placement!
  • A pack and promotional card just for entering!
  • 52 players max
  • Finals: Sunday 9 AM – 3:30 PM. Invitation only, but spectators welcome
  • 3 rounds of Best of 3 single elimination, 120 minutes each
  • Even more prize packs!

This will be run as a tier 2 event; decklists in the official EnterPLAY format will be required for registration. We will have blank ones available, but you can also use PonyHead’s “Enterplay Decklist” export option at the bottom of the page to make filling it out a breeze!

Structure details

Boring stuff about how the events will be run!

Direct any questions to our Head Judge, Cloudchaser, at

Game Policy

  • Rollbacks
    • Try not to cause rollbacks
      • Announce step and phase transitions (pink, purple especially)
      • Give opponents a chance to react after you do things (white, yellow, orange)
      • Call out and pay attention to “can’t”s (Bubbly Mare, Deep Dark Forest, various Absolute Discord cards) and “loses and can’t gain”s
    • You may not roll back beyond an action that affects whatever you’re trying to reverse
      • Can’t Inspired if they were already forced to draw or flip
      • Can’t rescind a play/move if it was already Reacted to
      • “At the start of your turn” triggers must be used before you draw a card
      • Ask a judge if you need help
    • Your opponent may allow more extensive rollbacks at their discretion
      • If a judge gets involved, they will use the strict rules
    • Format
      • Flights are Harmony format. The following cards are banned:
        • Fluttershy, Guidance Counselor
        • Globe Trotter, Sight Seer
        • Rainbowshine, Cloud Wrangler
        • Magical Mailbox
      • Draft and Sealed do not have a ban list. If you somehow manage to build Dragon Express, go for it.
    • Interference
      • Only judges may interfere with games
      • Spectators and judges should not stand behind people and make noises/faces at hands or game state. You may be asked to stand elsewhere if you do this.
    • Time rules
      • Slow play
        • Not advancing to your Score Phase within 3 minutes of starting your turn without actually advancing the game state is slow play
          • If you are in a combo loop, that probably counts as advancing the game state. This is at the discretion of the judges.
          • The head judge may, at their discretion, allow short-circuits of combo loops.
        • Judges will not be actively watching for this, it’s up to players to call a judge if it’s a problem
      • Swiss
        • Rounds are 30 minutes
        • Soft time limit: When time is called, the game continues until both players have taken the same number of turns and have each taken at least one more turn
        • Hard time limit: 10 minutes after time is called, the winner is the player with the most points or a draw if tied
      • Top 8
        • Rounds are 120 minutes, best of three
        • Each of the three individual games will be held to the time rules for swiss with 40 minute rounds. Yes, I know this is different than the official floor rules but I’m not putting up with games running for an hour each.
        • If both players have the same number of points in a round and go to hard time limit while tied in game 3, the first player to score a point wins the game.
      • Scoring
        • Wins are 3 points, draws 2 and losses 1
        • Byes are counted as a win against an opponent with no points
        • The tournament software we’ll be using should use MtG’s match points and opponent’s win percentage for tiebreakers

Player Policy

  • Registering for events
    • You will get a token when you register for an event. You will need to present this token to play in that event. Afterwards, it’s yours to keep.
    • Part of the cost for entering a flight is to turn in a completed decklist
      • The name you write on your deck list is what we’ll call you. It needs to match some information on your badge
      • Playing in a flight is consent to have your decklist posted
    • Playing
      • Please count your cards (pile shuffles are nice) before you start a game. Taking game losses for illegal decks is sad
      • Do not use dice or unsleeved score sliders to track score. Use a sleeved score slider or ask for a sheet of paper to track your score.
      • Be present when round start is called (You don’t want to be tardy, do you?)
        • If you are absent for five minutes after round start, you will take a game loss
        • You will not get time extensions for for being late
      • Don’t get mad about cardboard ponies. Call a judge if somebody’s being a Gilda
    • Judges
      • If you are not sure, call a judge, that’s why we’re here
      • USE THY LUNA VOICE WHILST CALLING FOR A JUDGE, not your fluttershy voice, if that’s, um, ok with you
      • You may appeal a judge’s ruling to the head judge. The head judge’s ruling is final.
        • If your deck uses Facebook errata, please talk to the head judge to make sure they are aware beforehand


Everfree Northwest is only 2 weeks away! Some come on over to Seattle, WA May 29-31 for CCG goodness and much more!

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