Add two parts writer to one part artist and what do you have? Today’s Community Guest announcement! So sit back and let us paint you a story of the great Community Guests we have to share with you today!


Ckat_Myla’s love of colorful ponies began when she was a small child watching My Little Pony Tales and wondering why the ponies took showers in bathrooms and rode the bus. In 2011 she discovered Friendship is Magic and began writing her own stories about colorful ponies (where they took baths and rode trains, which is much more believable).

With about a decade of fic writing and a degree from the Institute for Children’s Literature under her belt, she has some level of skill to give the fandom, most of which has gone into her Sympathy Series (A Pony’s SympathyDeja Discord, and Dealing in Harmony), the first story of which was written in 2011 and published to fimfiction the next year. All of them are surrounding Discord, so you have him to thank/blame.

An up-and-coming internet voice actress, Ckat has been working on and off on various vocal undertakings since 2008. In the pony fandom she is known for a few projects including the audio version of the first few chapters of The Sisters Doo by Ponky (where she and Statoose play all the roles), and most recently providing the voice for Everfree Northwest’s own Front Page.

She loves green tea and if she had a catchphrase it would probably be ‘I’m sorry’.

Iambic Hexameter

Sharif S. or Iambic Hexameter has spent most of the brony phenomenon getting his master’s degree in creative writing from USC. During this time he not only obsessed about ponies but about the questions of why “My Little Pony” is good, how it’s good, and most importantly “How can I make something like that?!”

He’s a published poet and fiction writer who is breaking into television writing. He has hosted literary panels at Equestria LA, BABS Con, and has delivered a poem called “Best Pony” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.


A fanfic author and aspiring novelist who, for better or for worse, has been inflicting his horsewords on Fimfiction and Equestria Daily for years. His hobbies include arguing with people who are wrong on the internet, keeping cars on the road that probably shouldn’t be, annoying his pet horse, and procrastination. He’ll now be attending EFNW for the third time, happily sharing everything he’s learned. Find him and his stories at his Fimfiction


Techsmith by day, and stunt-writer by night, Xepher has been writing fantasy and science fiction since his early college days at the turn of the century… at least when he wasn’t busy fighting the machine uprising at his day job. Diving into the Pony community in 2012, he found his home at Everfree Northwest in 2013 and joined the writing track staff the following year. He’s been working his tail off ever since, juggling everything from coding the Iron Author contest system to playing editor-in-chief for the weekly EFNW Fanfic Spotlight newsletter.

Aside from his work with EFNW, he likes to say that he doesn’t write, so much as he performs acts of high-wire fiction without a net. As such, he’s perhaps best known for his surprisingly popular (at least to him) story Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World and its ongoing sequel, The Hole In The Sun. Well, either that, or his loquacious diction and absolutely abysmal failure to provide regular updates to the aforementioned story. He believes strongly in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.


Since joining the fandom in May 2011, Toxic-Mario has been known as one of the most active fandom comic artists and one of a couple original comic artists left from pre-season 2.  Primarily known for his filly comics, Toxic-Mario one of the few out there that primarily focus on filly ponies and trying to integrate back stories to the ponies as close to canon as he can get.  During pony seasons he will primarily focus on normal ponies and making pre-episode comics in which he describes as “trying to guess the episode outcomes as best he can based off the synopsis”.  Besides comics Toxic-Mario has done numerous DBZ ponies since January 2013.  When asked why so many DBZ ponies, he’s always mentioned to fans that “it’s my favorite anime, it’s still my original fandom since is 1998, and I still follow it”.  He’s also popular with his creation, Wereluna, which started in October 2011 and continues drawing her to this day.

This will be Toxic-Mario’s first convention EVER coming to the West coast so this is a rare chance for fans to get to meet one of the original comic artists in the fandom. You will find him in the vendor hall at table 57!


Viwr-… Viwrstp… Viwrplghthn… ahem “Viw” is a prominent fan artist for My Little Pony that specializes in teaching others how to draw those little equines we love so much. After getting his art degree he fell into teaching, primarily on the r/mlpdrawingschool subreddit, but has been known to tutor on deviantart as well. For EverfreeNW he has been a speaker for the last two years “how to draw” panels. Feel free to stop by his booth in the vendor hall (table 68) for a quick art lesson, or to discuss drawing and art in general.


Everfree Northwest coming soon, we have less than 2 weeks to go! Join us in Seattle, WA this May 29-31!! There is still time to pre-register for the convention. Come and meet these and many other fantastic Community Guests in person!

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