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Everfree Northwest has always been a hub of the MLP:FiM writing community, supporting one of, if not the, strongest writing tracks of any MLP fan convention. We’re very excited to be announcing an additional 5 writers as Community Guests for our upcoming convention! In addition to the two writers we announced in an earlier Community Guest announcement (Tony “GaryOak” Genovese and Horse Voice), we are pleased to say that Asylum, Brony2893, Cloud Hop, Pen Stroke, and Somber will be joining us for Everfree NW 2015!


Asylum is a longtime member of the community, having been lurking around dA and fimfiction since mid-2012. His claims to fame are his socio-political/slice-of-life fanfic “Cry for Eternity“, and being a former moderator of MegaBronyUpload on deviantArt.


Edward, aka Brony2893, is best know me for his stories “To Love a Goddess” and “Random Acts of Generosity.” First getting got interested in MLP around the beginning of the second season, he watched the first season on Youtube and become hooked. After months of reading pony-fictions and studying how the best authors wrote he tried it himself near the end of 2012, crafting his own style, experimented around, and finally settled on a style of writing he was comfortable with and other people seem to enjoy.

Cloud Hop

A software developer from Redmond, Washington, Cloud Hop who has written several zany stories that many have found amusing, including such stories as “Bastion” (3rd place winner in the Everfree NW writing contest), “Chrysalis Kidnaps Rainbow Dash For 10 Minutes“, and Twilight Ships Rainbow Dash With Everything In The Universe. When he’s not writing incredibly silly comedies, he dabbles in writing music and being a very bad mathematician (which may explain his love of incomprehensible math jargon). He has been active in the fandom since starting to write stories on fimfiction in 2013 and a fan of the show since early 2012.

Pen Stroke

A Wyoming native and current resident of Gendale, CA, Pen Stroke has been around the fandom since Season 1. His most well known story, Past Sins, has seen two non-profit, hardback printings, and has been the most followed author on Fimfiction ( for over a year now. He’s a veteran attendee of Everfree NW, and every year is a participant in the conventions well known writing track panels.


Once upon a time there was a unemployed English teacher living with his mom, watching shows about pastel colored, talking ponies, who thought, “I know!  I’ll try writing and putting out a fanfic!”  After much wailing and gnashing of grammar, this poor soul managed to bang out a few short stories that where somewhat decent: “Simply Rarity“, “What’s Eating Rainbow Dash“, and “Rarity’s Rodeo“.  This poor fellow then stumbled upon one of the greatest stories in the MLP fandom… Fallout: Equestria!  And after many chapters, Kkat broke this poor fellow by actually making him weep for Diamond Tiara.  From that moment on, he was hooked to the story, and one day, this marginally employed substitute teacher had the insidious thought: “I wonder if I could make a Fo:E fanfic?”

Almost four years and 1.6 million words later, that fanfic, Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, would expand to become one of the longest novels in the English language.  Its writer, Somber, and its many devoted editors, have worked to bring this massive story to its conclusion.  And with the generous support of several readers of the story, Somber finally had the dream of leaving the tiny, dingy, overpriced apartment that is his sanctuary and facing the greatest challenge of all: meeting those people face to face.


So many amazing writers, and you can see them all at Everfree Northwest! So join us this May 29-31 in Seattle, WA and meet these and many other fantastic Community Guests in person!

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