I am under 18. May I still Volunteer? What is the minimum age to volunteer?

If you’d like to volunteer under 18 years of age, please feel free to fill out the volunteer application. However, we will only accept younger staff under 16 as a rare exception, as each case will be evaluated carefully by a member of Everfree Northwest and very likely we may decline unless special circumstances exist.

If approved, we will require you to complete a Minor Volunteer Agreement (provided by a member of HR). Instructions on how to complete and submit the form will be provided in response to your application if approved. If you are under 14, we are prevented by labor law from allowing you to volunteer – we apologize and hope you will volunteer when you’re a bit older!

May I attend the convention when not on shift?

Yes! You are an attendee when not on shift, so have fun! We recommend removing your staff shirt so other staff don’t keep asking you for help while off-duty. Also let your supervisor know in advance which panels or other events you’d like to have set aside so you can ensure that you aren’t scheduled during those times.

Where and when can I get my badge and shirt?

You may pick up your badge and shirt Thursday, May 28th, the day before the convention at the Answer Desk in ConOps. Details on picking them up and what time they will be ready to come at a later date. In addition to the staff shirt, an alternative will be available for those who indicated that they would be cosplaying on their Volunteer Application.

Will there be a staff lounge where I can rest my hooves?

Yes! It will be in the Hilton hotel in a room to be determined at a later date. Emails will be sent out to staff specifying where the lounge will be, or you may ask the Answer Desk during the convention. Feel free to bring gaming systems, instruments, or anything else fun you have in mind – this is a very relaxed space where light snacks and drinks will be provided for staff to rejuvenate. Full meals will not be provided, and you are still encouraged to have at least 2 full meals a day elsewhere.

What can I do in the staff lounge? May I sleep there?

Anyone who is a member of staff (no friends, family, or non-staff may enter the Staff lounge at any time) can do whatever they would like to in the staff lounge as long as it complies with the general attendee guidelines and is a legal activity in the state of Washington. This means that any alcohol is not permitted until the end of the convention in the staff lounge and drugs are never permitted in the staff lounge. Feel free to kick back and take a snooze, but it is not intended for overnight use – please find other arrangements for overnight sleeping. In short, language is relaxed, the environment should be respectful, and have fun!

May I cosplay on shift?

Please do! We hope to have a way to indicate you are staff while in cosplay as an alternative to the staff shirt. We recognize the shirt presents some challenges while cosplaying, and we would like you to know we highly encourage staff to cosplay. The attendees love it too! (Some positions are either not allowed to or are limited to cosplay. Please refer to your specific position on the Open Positions page for details on being in cosplay while volunteering.)

Is there a discount on parking?

In previous years there have been discounts for attendees based on special Event pricing. Those staying at the Hilton hotel overnight are offered a cheaper package for parking in the garage under the convention center, so make sure to inquire about parking packages at your hotel’s front desk for details. Closer to the event we will try to release specifics on parking costs in the area.

Will I be provided a free hotel room as a member of Staff?

Everfree Northwest does NOT provide rooms to its volunteers. Although we offer a variety of benefits for participating as a volunteer, we do not offer hotel rooms and we encourage staff to find somewhere to stay overnight, as the Staff Lounge will close nightly. Please coordinate with other staff, attendees, or find a room at the Hilton or another hotel for sleeping arrangements. We have a bulk discount deal with the Hilton for a set number of rooms, so be sure to book with the Hilton early if you plan to stay here to take advantage of the discount. Check out the Venue page on our site for more details!

Will Everfree Northwest provide food during the convention?

Yes, in the Staff Lounge we will provide light snacks and beverages. We will not provide full meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and we encourage staff to have at least two full meals a day in addition to snacking provided at the Staff Lounge.

What are all the perks I receive as a staff member?

As a member of staff, you may participate in any of these benefits – access to the Staff Lounge (including snacks, drinks, games and resting area), free staff shirt, compensated staff badge, staff-only autograph session, invitation to Staff parties hosted throughout the year, participation in events at the EFNW Workspace during the year and additional prizes based on Staff Awards at the end of the year. Plus, we’re a fun bunch of ponies to hang out with – come on down and join us!

How long will it take to become a staff member after I apply?

The Human Resources team is always hard at work trying to sort out the best position for everypony, but getting it just right takes time. Response times average between 2-4 weeks to process an application and find someone the best position for their unique skills, so please be patient. If you got the confirmation from Loose Leaf that your app was submitted, then we’ll definitely be getting in touch with you soon!

When do Volunteer Applications close? May I be considered after the applications close?

The online volunteer application will be closed one week before the convention on May 22nd, 2015. After that time, we’ll still be looking for volunteers at the convention, so come by con ops if you’d like to help out!

Am I required to attend Staff Meetings as a Volunteer?

You are NOT required to attend staff meetings unless you are a Director/Lead, in which case you could still attend via Skype or a YouTube stream. You won’t have to worry about coming to the meetings, especially if you live far away. You are a volunteer providing a public service to the My Little Pony community – we respect and admire that, and we wouldn’t ask you to come out unless you really want to.

Is there a required amount of volunteer service?

Staff are required to serve a minimum of 12 hours to receive a free Staff badge, which can include time volunteered before, during, or shortly after the convention. Service must be for the year in which you receive the badge. Only staff marked on the Staff Directory will receive a free Staff badge.