Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Everfree Northwest 2015! We are excited to bring an amazing convention experience to our attendees, and even more excited to come together as a team!

Our Mission is “To bring Equestria to Earth for three days.” Check out our Mission Statement!

To join staff for 2015, please fill out the information below as completely as possible. We try to get to know and understand our staff members, so providing detail will help us place you better within staff. We may request a follow up meeting to discuss the position, so please be sure to include accurate, up to date contact information.

Have questions about volunteering? Volunteer FAQ

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Please note that, by default, the legal name you provide will be listed on a staff directory, and that reasonable measures have been taken to insure the staff directory will only be accessible to EFNW staff, partners, agents, and other authorized personnel. To request that your legal name not be included in that staff directory, please email staff@everfreenw.com with your request. Legal names will still be retained for reasonable business purposes, and will be released if required by law.

Look at our Open Positions page!

Even though Everfree Northwest is only 3 days out of the year, months of physical preparation goes into our event! Although it's not required in order to volunteer, we're looking for every helping hoof to help move, carry, inventory, setup, and create our supplies, regardless of your department.

Cosplay is allowed and encouraged for most positions on staff. However, Media Liaisons and staffers within the Royal Guard and Guest Relations departments require a more professional appearance, and therefore may not cosplay while on duty.

Please understand that convictions do not mean you cannot join staff, as exceptions can be made pending case review by a member of EFNW Human Resources. You acknowledge that Pegasi reserves the right to perform background checks at any time for such convictions, but Pegasi is under no duty or obligation to do so.