Everfree Northwest, Seattle’s premier pony convention is known for having one of—if not the—strongest writing tracks in the MLP fandom. As part of that, we run an online writing contest (now called “Scribblefest”) every year. Entry is open to everyone, whether or not you attend the convention.
This year, we’re changing things up a bit. Instead of ranking stories in simple order, we’re giving out six special awards, each of which comes with a $20 Amazon gift code!
Deadline for Submissions: March 6th, 2016

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PMV Contest

You like Ponies? Music? How about Videos? Well, Everfree Northwest is combining all these fantastical things into one awesome Pony Music Video (PMV) Contest! With both Judge’s Awards and Attendee-Voting at the convention, it’s sure to be a good test of your mettle!
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Deadline for Submissions: March 13th, 2016

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Art Contest

Everfree Northwest is accepting art submissions for the cover of our official 2016 Convention Book! This essential guide will be handed out to all attendees of Everfree Northwest this year! This is your opportunity to put your artwork into the hands of our thousands of attendees, and to get some awesome prizes as well!
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Deadline for Submissions: April 1st, 2016

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Announcing Ponegathon; a fun competition spanning all 3 days of EFNW! Look for more info in the 2016 con-book.
Be sure to brush up on your Pony skills!