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Freelance game artist and illustrator, teacher, with relations to crime dramas and Pacific Rim. Alienfirst will be at Everfree NW with a portion of what she loves best: cute things and mashups. Small prints to larger posters, stickers, and original artwork. Commissions can be ordered before the con via her tumblr or through her website contact, and then picked up at the convention itself.

I'm a 20 something year old artist who's goal is to make cute and affordable items for people to enjoy. I've been in the pony fandom for around 4 years now. I make plush, stickers, keychains, and of course I draw. Honestly the word people say when they see my stuff is - "cute!"

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Prints, wallscrolls, blankets, drinkware, pillows, body pillows

Custom badges, matted original watercolor paintings and marker artwork, and buttons and charms by the dozen!

Prints, accessories, small sculptures and buttons inspired by MLP and other fandoms.

Hey everyone! Back vending at Everfree again for another year! I'll have a large selection of prints and wallscrolls, my charity art books, and sketch commissions for sale. So please stop by and say hi!

Printed artwork such as posters, postcards, and calendars.
Digitally painted scenes from episodes, Applejack, and others.

Carrie Wink is the co-owner of Athena's wink. She designs cute, geeky things with her crew of quirky ladies. They are based in New York City and travel around the country selling at video game, anime, and nerd culture conventions. Carrie has been making hats, flasks and other items for the last decade. She also makes costumes in her spare time for herself, theater, and for indie productions.

Handmade stuffed animals made with love and high attention to detail. All plushies are made from minky fabric with machine embroidered details to last a lifetime. Each stuffed animal is limited edition one of a kind. A small number of each character will be made for this convention.

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Whether you're looking for cute ponies doing cute things, or wacky ponies doing wacky things, you're bound to see prints and buttons of both of these in the wild at BerryPAWNCH's table!

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Returning to the NW again, Blindcoyote brings a wide variety of illustrations ranging from Pony to Furry. Check it out!

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From art to wearables, games to miniatures, swing on by, your sure to find something special.

Boy howdy, if you need things with horses on them, we've sure got the booth for you! Here at the Steve and Brae Super Booth, we've got all the prints and buttons of all the colorful horses you could ever need. And more! We've even got [Exclusive Product]! Featuring [Popular Horse #1], [Popular Horse #2], and even [Obscure Horse #1]! Wow! [Relevant Meme]! Back in the wonderful city of [City], be sure to stop by!

Ponderous purveyor of pony paraphernalia. From belt buckles, to wall scrolls and mousepads, not to mention just about everything in between. Oh, and custom Tee shirts as well.

Apparel for families

2017 Charity Calendars, Discount Pins for Vendors Room

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BUCK: Legacy

Buck: Legacy is a pony dungeon crawling fantasy roleplaying card game for 2-6 players. It’s an addictive card game that pits players against randomly generated dungeons filled with ferocious monsters. Create a character from 3 pony races and 10 fantasy classes, with vast weapon, armour and equipment customisation.

Be sure to catch a demo in the tabletop gaming room and attend their game development panel to learn more about the process that goes into making the game so amazing!

Celebi-Yoshi and Like a Surr have been vending together for five years. Celebi-Yoshi is a digital artist who sells prints of her artwork and takes on-the-spot commissions. Like a Surr is a multimedia artist who sells pinback buttons, handmade hats and other crafts.

Back for a 2nd year, we will be returning with our popular Equestria Tarot Cards, Pony Racing Card Game, Changeling Takeover Game, and will be releasing our brand new Horse Famous Card Game. Stop by an take a look at our new comic book series and history books, as well as our collectible coins, art prints, badges, buttons, and more.

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Chronos Gifts

Pokemon plush, anime keychains, paw sets, cat eats, poker decks, squishables, tentacle kitties, misc

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Mere words can not describe the spectacle of these creations. Producing a cornucopia of insurmountably awe inspiring pony paraphernalia.

Collectible coins featuring ponies & cutie marks.

Born in AB, Canada, Suki (CrescentScript) has been doing commission art since 2010, and has recently started producing minimalistic pony prints which she will be selling at EFNW. She will also be taking traditional art commissions; inked, and pencil coloured. Looking for show-styled art of your favourite pony OR original character? Suki can get it done!

New to the con scene, N00bFairy is a self-taught plushie maker from Utah. While she specializes in Splatoon squids, she'll be bringing along soft and squishy CMC cutie mark pillows to EFNW!

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Cute Kick

Handmade hats, plushies, accessories, and more.

Cutie Corral makes adorable MLP Plush, hats, tails, ears, and more! We also do custom OC pony orders!

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Do you like ponies? Do you like prints? Do you like Luna? Then you'll find what you need at this table! (You might find what you need even if you don't like Luna)

I sell prints, woodburns, journals, buttons, stickers, vinyl decals, original art pieces and commissions. Your one-stop shop for pony villains, robo-ponies, and all sorts of shiny things!

Ponies and lasers! Earth-Pony Creations produces unique laser etched wood art, made in collaboration with artists from the community.

My Little Pony Plushies. Art and Music

I'll be offering digital art in the form of prints, posters, badges, buttons, magnets, mousepads, playmats, and more!

I've dabbled in various different art mediums, and this year, I will have digital art in the form of pinback buttons and prints, prints and originals of watercolor and acrylic paintings, and felt figures!

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Cute pony and non pony art! Art prints in a large amount of sizes, and a ton of buttons.

Heather Breckel went to school at the Columbus College of Art and Design for animation. She decided animation was too much work, so she started doing comics instead. She’s been working on the My Little Pony comics since issue 1 and has colored over 40 issues. That’s over 900 pages of ponies!

In addition to MLP, she’s also worked on a number of books like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Adventures, Godzilla Half Century War, Peter Panzerfaust, Gotham Academy, Star Wars, Spiderman, etc. If there’s a comic publisher you can think of, she’s probably worked with them at some point. When she’s not devoting her life to coloring she is asking her cats what they want from her and drawing comics for a project she calls Angie Ruins Fire Emblem.

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Hey there! I'll have assorted art prints (including shiny new holographic prints!) featuring a couple EFNW 2016 exclusives, badges, pinback buttons, and stickers all available at my booth, all featuring MLP and a couple various fandoms. I also plan on taking a few sketch commissions, so feel free to come on by to toss your ideas at me! You can call me Holly for short. Hope to meet you at Everfree!

PS: Talk to me about mothponies!

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Selling artwork and prints of both the pony and Equestria Girls variety!

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Ink Rose

Autographed Art Prints

Inkkey Studios brings the artist known by the alias Bumblebun to you. Selling prints ranging in different styles of art. Cute cell phones charms, dust plugs included and MLP themed arm warmers. Bumblebun will also be offering Water Color portrait commissions! Come quickly as she can only do a limited amount each day.

cutie mark crusader capes

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Jabber Cards

Resellers of Enterplay games and other MLP merchandise.

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Samantha, or JadedJynx as most know her by, has been a part of the fandom since 2013 and began drawing pony art shortly after. Her art includes a variety of styles, stand-alone images and an ongoing MLP fan comic series titled, My Little Sterelis.

Not only has she produced art for herself but she is also creating art for many conventions alongside Everfree Northwest such as PonyconNYC, BronyCon, MLP-MSP and Nightmare Nights! This year for EverfreeNW she has produced various art for the conbook as well as two CMC and friends prints that she’ll be selling at her booth to commemorate the VAs for Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara and Babs Seed that will all be attending the convention this year!

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Jenn Blake

Born and raised in California, Jenn Blake studied to become a successful fashion designer. After 12 years in the profession, she wished to extend her knowledge of art and take it in a new direction. Jenn started work on comic/graphic novel characters and decided to combine that genre of work with a new love of hers: “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Shortly after she began her work with ponies, Jenn was approached by IDW Limited. The company’s special release of “The Return of Queen Chrysalis” was in the works, and they were seeking special artists to create original, hand drawn sketch cards to be released with the books. Jenn was one of the artists chosen for the task.

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Unique illustration prints, postcards, buttons and more are available at this Fake Lemonade Stand! You can also get custom badges, sketches, and drawings, all guaranteed to be finished before the weekend's end while slots last!

Table 56


The Cuddle Pal series pony plushies and some new life size plushies are avalible for puchase at KLPlushies~ 😀

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LeekFish is a digital artist offering a vast variety of high quality prints, fabric wall-scrolls, pin-back buttons, and vinyl decals. Her bright and colorful artwork is sure to make you smile!

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LvlUp Sprites is in the business of recreating your favorite cartoon and videogame characters in a nostalgic pixel-art form. Looking for a present to give your pony-loving friend? We sell everything from key chains to art pieces you can hang up in your home. Interested in something unique to showcase your love for a character? We have customized buttons and custom-painted 3-d figurines available for you to take home today! Stop by our booth to find your favorite character in a way you have never seen them before.

A goddess mother and her adopted daughter clash, as do the waking and dream worlds they rule, leaving the inhabitants very lives to hang in the balance. The result of this chaos causes everymare to develop unique alter-egos, which struggle for dominance and lead them on light and dark-hearted adventures through both night and day. The Midnight Mares creator C. Allan Gann developed this series as a "young adult" offering to other mainstream animated cartoons, and the full-length trailer was successfully funded by "Brony-Backers" through Kickstarter last summer. At the "Midnight Mares" booth, C. Allan Gann will be signing autographs and his team will be selling limited edition collectible toys.

His other company (Gann Memorials Custom Plush Toys) has manufactured plush convention mascots for almost every major Brony convention worldwide, including this year's Everfree NW! Most recently, Gann Memorials even manufactured "Fluffle Puff".

Fancy pony ties, bow-ties, pins, coasters, tankards and more

Illustration artist best known for drawing stallions and mostly cute stuff. Selling art prints, pin back buttons, acrylic charms and will be taking commissions at the convention.

Stop by for all your MLP cosplay needs! We will be selling pony ears, wings, unicorn horns, and wigs in a variety of colors, whether you are cosplaying as a show-canon character, or your OC!

Like your tiny horses crossed over with animes, cuter than your favorite baby animal, or just plain horsing around?. Then you should take a gander in the general direction of Paradigm Pizza! The place to go for minute equines of all shapes and really only one size! Now with 33% more non-horse offerings!

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Come on over to Patchwerk's table for original framed artwork, tons of mini prints, and commissions!

Plot Bunny Studios will be selling prints of watercolor paintings, stickers, cellphone charms and necklaces all featuring colorful ponies and beautiful artwork.

Ponies by RubioWolf will be offering a variety of pony plushies ranging in the following sizes:
4.5 inch mini beanie ponies
7 inch foals
9 inch laying beanies (regular and sleeping)
10 inch standing and floppy mares
11 inch standing stallions
13 inch standing mares
14 inch laying beanies (regular and sleeping)
15 inch princesses

All plushies are handmade with love and care. Be sure to stop by and check them out!

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A self employed, free-lance artist who enjoys all things, gaming, animation and comic.

An eclectic mix of everything pony: Posters licenced from amazing artists like John Joseco and ChibiJenHen, first-party Hasbro and Funko toys, collectible cards, plush toys, upcycled badges/pins, and much more! Always something for everypony.

Table 58


I'm going to be selling art prints and other pony themed merch as a first-time con artist!

We specialize in useful geekery! Come check us out for geekery you can use!

Table 59


I offer a selection of hand made pens, coasters, and jar lids, along with glasses laser engraved with a variety of cutie marks and designs. Each one can be made to order and is done from my home in Wisconsin.

Table 67

Sarah Keefer

Original watercolor artwork, prints, and gallery pendants.

Second Chance Artwork is excited to be at Everfree Northwest for the 5th year in a row! We make plushies, artwork, and jewelry that is constantly evolving with our business! Please stop on by to look at our various items available for same day commissions. We can't wait to meet you all!

Shottsy Arts is the Brand and Company of Shana Schottenstein (aka Shottsy), which consists of multi faceted works of art, and merchandise. From one of a kind items such as hand crafted sculpture from wire, to vibrant and unique every day useful items such as t-shirts and messenger bags, Shottsy Arts has a lot to see and choose from! Shana is also currently working on an epic fantasy novel that will be available for purchase for pre-release.

Table 86


Selling art prints, buttons, stickers and on-site commissions, both traditional and digital!

Are you ready for adventure? Grab your armor, strap your shield, and prepare your spells, because it's time to explore ruins, defeat evil, and uncover mysteries, as ponies! We'll have new and core books to build on your pony adventures. Ponies not your thing? We have griffons, flaming dogs, goats, and more!

High quality metal jewelry, timepieces, and trinkets you won't find anywhere else!

Come down to Snuggle Trumpet Custom Vinyls where you can find an awesome array of cutie mark athletic jerseys, dice bags, and t-shirts all made with durable vinyl materials. Personalize your own with your name and favorite number similar to a professional sports jersey! Don't see a design you like? Commissions are available with YOUR OC's cutie mark or your favorite character from the show. Come down and see all the colorful designs available and represent your favorite pony during Everfree Northwest weekend!

Pony Ears, horns, wigs, plushies, old pony merch and more!

Capes, arm bracers, wings, the original dog tags, canvas bags, pillows, phone cases, ukuleles, Aurora plush, reusable shopping bags,

Table 33

Sugar Cube Corner

Sugar Cube Corner sells My Little Pony merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, and more!

Table 25

Sweet Cream

Badges, Buttons, Prints and other items!

Illustrator, animator, designer, and painter responsible for the holiday art posted by Everfree Northwest, as well as the 2016 conbook cover artist winner. At my booth, I will be selling pins buttons, prints of my artwork, in small size, medium size, and large size, and paintings…and maybe some coffee mugs and t-shirts as well.

The Paper Pony sells paper shadowboxes of all sizes! These creations are made by layering paper into a shadowbox to create a 3D image.

A community of talented artists coming together to sell patches, buttons, original art prints, and on-the-spot commissions.

Table 73


Do you like pony? Of course you like pony or else why would you be here. Hop on down to famous fandom comic artist Toxic-Mario's booth where he'll be debuting new Daki pillows and blankets. He'll also be selling prints, shirts, mouse pads, poker cards, and a host of other stuff for your never-ending pony needs.

Table 90


Prints, Tees, At Table Commissions

Hello! This is Valcron and TokniTORNOTTOknit coming to Everfree Northwest 2016! At our tables we will have prints, posters, buttons, stickers, and more on the Valcron side of things! Hand made hats, plushies, and other items can be found on the TokniTORNOTTOknit side!

Table 81


Christina, better known as Victory Dance, is an Ohio native located way out west in the mountains of Utah. She specializes in painstakingly crafted oil and acrylic paintings, as well as lavishly painted ceramic coffee cups in addition to the more traditional prints, buttons and stickers. Hobbies other than drawing and painting include naps, cooking, and pretending to be a freckled unicorn on the internet.

Table 87

Viw's Art

Woodcuts, prints and on the spot commissions. Viw's art is the place for painterly ponies of intricate detail.

Cards, Daki's, Playing mats.