One of the goals of Everfree Northwest is to bring Equestria to Earth, and much like the land of Equestria has rules to help guide its citizens to have is a safe, friendly and harmonious way of life, Everfree Northwest too has rules to help safeguard its members. Everypony should keep these rules in mind and heart while attending Everfree Northwest, so that we can work together and create a pleasant experience that all can enjoy.

General Rating

Much as the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, is a show designed with the enjoyment of young children and their parents in mind, so is the environment we wish to maintain for Everfree Northwest. In this Everfree Northwest has adopted a “PG” rating, which is to be considered at all times and in all areas of the convention. This simply means that attendees should refrain from strong language, displays of violence or blood, inappropriately sexual dress, and depictions of illegal or age-inappropriate behaviors, real AND fake. Please remember that minors and young children do attend Everfree Northwest along with their parents/guardians and that the convention must be a safe place for them to explore without fear of running into something inappropriate.

Abandoned Items

By attending Everfree Northwest, all attendees and other parties understand and agree that Everfree Northwest is not responsible for any personal property left in the convention space. After the conclusion of the event, any lost items found by Everfree Northwest will be turned over to the host venue’s lost and found.


No matter your age, alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the convention space and those that appear intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of any substance will not be allowed in the convention space. Minors should be aware that illegal consumption or possession of alcohol by a minor not only may result in criminal penalties for the party providing the alcohol , but also may result in criminal penalties for the minor, including but not limited to incarceration and revocation of driving privileges by the state. Unlawful consumption or possession of alcohol by those under 21 will not be tolerated, and this applies to our international members as well. Serving or providing alcohol to minors in violation of the law is strictly prohibited, and Everfree Northwest has a zero-tolerance policy regarding any individual caught violating this rule, which will result in the immediate removal of the individual involved and their membership revoked, with no right of re-entry. It also may involve Everfree Northwest staff filing a report with the appropriate authorities, as may any violation of the law.


Badges must be visibly worn at all times during the convention. Those without badges will not be granted access to the convention space and events. Please check with Convention Operations in the event a badge is lost and please return any found badges to a staff member immediately. All badge replacements must be authorized by Registration. If a party is found in possession of a badge that does not below to them, that party will be asked to surrender that badge. All parties are required to carry government issued photo identification at all times.

Clothing and Costumes

One of the great things about a convention is the opportunity for enthusiastic fans to dress up as some of their favorite characters and while many of us have interests that are outside My Little Pony, we would remind everyone that Everfree Northwest is an event in celebration of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We would ask and encourage everyone to keep this in mind and keep their costume choices appropriate to the theme of the convention. This is another reminder that this convention has a general “PG” rating and is a family friendly event, so please do not wear clothing that is overly revealing or inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention. Everfree Northwest reserves the right to deem any costume unacceptable and may request the wearer to modify or remove the costume as necessary.


There will be a message board available at the Info Booth for people to post information, but it must be approved by info booth staff before posting. Please make sure flyers are family friendly and adhere to our “PG” rating. Do not post any flyers on the doors or walls of the hotel convention space – they will be removed if discovered by Everfree Northwest Staff.


Everfree Northwest does not tolerate harassment of any kind, or any behavior that intentionally annoys, threatens, or frightens others. If you are having a problem, ask a Everfree Northwest staff member. Let us keep the Golden Rule in mind and treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. If you approach someone and they tell you to leave them alone, do so – your business is done with them. Refusal to respect the personal space of others is grounds for intervention by Everfree Northwest staff and security, and the offending individual may be required to surrender their badge and leave the convention permanently. Also be advised that such action may expose the perpetrator to charges from the appropriate governmental authority.

Hotel Polices

In keeping to be good guests to our hosts at the Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport, all guests of the hotel must follow all hotel polices. This applies to all attendees as well-when you are in a hotel room, you must follow hotel polices as if you were a paying hotel guest, even if you are staying elsewhere. This includes all noise polices. If hotel staff or Everfree Northwest staff ask you to close your door or lower your volume, you must do so, or surrender your badge.

Illegal Substances/Behaviors.

Any illegal substances or paraphernalia will be reported to the appropriate authorities if discovered by Everfree Northwest staff.. Certain substances may be legal under state law, but still illegal under federal law. Please be advised that those substances are also prohibited. Everfree Northwest must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local law. Use or possession of illegal substances, or engaging in other illegal behaviors, is ground for revocation of badge and removal from the convention with no right of re-entry. No refunds will be issued in this case.

Media Coverage and Press

We welcome all members of the press that wish to cover the convention. Member of the press must check in with Registration, with the proper credentials, to obtain a Press Pass that will grant them access to the convention space and events. Everfree Northwest reserves the right to grant or deny approval for all photography or video/audio recording requests, and permissions may be retracted at any time. For more information, please contact Public Relations at Please be aware that by registering for the convention, all attendees are giving their permission to Everfree Northwest and all parties associated with it to use, in any manner, any images, sound, or video captured during events related to the convention.


While we welcome our fans of all ages, we ask that any minor children under the age of 13 be accompanied at all times by a parent or designated guardian who has made contact information available to Everfree Northwest staff. All guardians must be age eighteen or over and must have purchased membership to the convention. For children under the age of 13 our Foal Membership is free of charge. Minors between the ages of 13 and 17 must purchase the standard convention membership. Please be advised that Everfree Northwest its associated parties are not responsible for the supervision of minors at the convention, and by registering or attending the convention, all parties understand and agree to this limitation.

Pets and Service Animals

We all love our fuzzy, feathered and scaly friends and while our gracious host, the Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport, is a pet friendly hotel we would ask that everyone leave their pets at home, or in the care of someone you trust, as Everfree Northwest staff will not permit them in the event space, unless required to do so by law.

Photography and Video Recording

We understand that there are those that love to capture the fun and experience of a convention, not just for posterity but to share the experience with others, but we would ask that everyone keep some common courtesy in mind. Cameras and other recording devices are allowed during the various panels and events at the convention, but please refrain from flash photography. In the Vendor Hall, do not film or take pictures of the work of the artists without their direct permission. Please be respectful of anyone at the convention that states they do not wish have their picture taken or be filmed. Everfree Northwest staff reserve the right to prohibit photography, recording, and other forms of capture during certain events and in certain spaces.

The use of all cameras and other recording devices will be strictly forbidden from the Art Show. Attendees using such a device will be disciplined by Everfree Northwest staff, and such discipline may include, but is not necessarily limited to, revocation of permission to attend the Art Show or to bid, forced deleting of any images taken, or revocation of badge and permanent expulsion from the convention. This prohibition includes use of cell phones by attendees in Art Show spaces.

Public Decorum

Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior is strictly not allowed during the convention. These include, but are not limited to; physical and verbal harassment towards other individuals, any act which could result in the risk of harm to others or property, sexual misconduct, engaging in activities prohibited by law, and the possession of any item defined as a weapon, unless it complies with the policy on weapons discussed below. Those found violating these rules will generally be asked to refrain from such behavior, though some violations by their very nature will result in permanent expulsion from the convention, and Everfree staff may contact the authorities, if appropriate. If further measures must be taken, Everfree Northwest reserves the right to ask anyone violating the rules to leave the convention and may revoke membership that would allow re-entry into the event. No refunds will be granted if Everfree chooses to revoke memberships for this reason or for any other violation of any polices, agreements, or codes of conduct applicable to Everfree Northwest.

Recreational Drugs

We would like to remind everyone that despite the laws in Washington State, the use of marijuana is not permitted on hotel premises by the hosting venue, and in accordance with the venue’s policies it is therefore prohibited anywhere at the convention. The public use of marijuana, much like the public consumption of alcohol, can result in fines if caught by authorities. Persons found in possession, or under the influence, of such substance in the convention space will be asked to leave. Failure to follow instructions given by Everfree Northwest, or hotel, staff will result in the removal of membership and loss of access to the convention space and events.


It is understood that registration for Everfree Northwest constitutes a non-refundable single-event membership in the Pegasi Corp. and entitles the purchaser to badge(s), which serve as a mark of such membership and allow admittance into the Everfree Northwest convention. Refunds for memberships will not be issued for any reason, though lost badges may be replaced. Non-attendance for any reason will not entitle the purchaser to a refund.

Sleeping at the Convention

Please refrain from sleeping in the convention space. We ask that everyone return to their rooms if they feel they need some sleep. If you do not already have a room, you can find booking information on the Everfree Northwest website. Public and convention areas are not authorized for overnight sleeping.


Please follow hotel policies and all applicable laws regarding smoking in hotel rooms and all other space. Washington State law prohibits smoking indoors and within twenty-five feet of doorways and building ventilation access. Those who fail to follow the law may be asked to surrender their badge.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The use of any unmanned aircraft systems, including, but not limited to, drones for recreational use, is expressly prohibited at Everfree Northwest.

Weapons and Props

Another big part of costuming isn’t just the outfits themselves, but the accessories that go with them. For some of these outfits, the accessories in question might involve something that resembles a weapon. In an effort to keep things both fun and safe for those attending the convention, Everfree Northwest has strict guidelines we require everyone to follow in regards to what will and what will not be allowed in the convention space:

Possession of any weapons in violation of applicable law is prohibited. Functional projectile weapons (firearms) are strictly prohibited in the convention space, this applies even if someone has a weapon permit or concealed weapon permit. Anyone found in possession of such weapons in the convention space is subject to discipline, up to and including membership revocation and immediate discharge from the event with no right of re-entry.

All weapons must be non-working and peace-bonded. Peace-bonding involves marking the weapon with a bright pink band to make it clear that it is not intended to be used for violent purposes. A peace-bonding station will be at the convention. You are required to have an approved Everfree Northwest staff member peace-bond the prop weapon. Refusal may result in requirement to take the weapon back to your hotel room and/or off convention property. Everfree Northwest staff reserve the right to require peace-bonding or the removal of a weapon at their own discretion.

No live steel, even if sheathed. This is defined as anything resembling swords, knives, or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. There will be absolutely no play-acting with props, and weapons should never be waved around; this is considered brandishing. All weapons must be PG rated. No realistic firearms (guns), no gore (bloody knives, chainsaw, etc). All props that do not fall into the weapons category are also subject to the PG or under rating. No paddles of any sort will be allowed at the convention. Other non-gun projectiles (such as a bow) must still fall under the PG rating, and must be completely non-functional. Again, absolutely no guns of any sort.

Exotic weapons will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you question whether or not it needs a peace-bond, it most likely does.

All persons will be required to immediately take their weapons to the peace-bonding station. Upon arrival, an approved peace-bonder will inspect their prop and make sure it is properly peace-bonded. All prop weapon owners are then required to fill out and sign a form and, along with the submission of the form, produce a valid Government-issued ID.

Policy Revisions

The policies listed herein are subject to change at any time as deemed beneficial.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about our code of conduct or our policies, we encourage you to ask! Violations of our policies will generally be met with corrective action and we know that most may not have recalled the entirety or details of our code or policies. Our staff will do everything possible to work with you in this event, but please understand that some behaviors will not be tolerated, even once (illegal drug use, assault, etc). Please send any questions to