Everfree Welcomes Back C. Allan Gann!
March 22, 2017

We’re very pleased to welcome returning guest C. Allan Gann to Everfree Northwest 2017! Creator of Midnight Mares, Gann will be all over the convention this year. Find him at the Midnight Mares booth in the vendor hall, the Midnight Mares panel, or at the custom toy making panel!

Bio: A goddess mother and her adopted daughter clash, as do the waking and dream worlds they rule, leaving the inhabitants very lives to hang in the balance. The result of this chaos causes everymare to develop unique alter-egos, which struggle for dominance and lead them on light and dark-hearted adventures through both night and day.

The Midnight Mares creator C. Allan Gann developed this series as a “young adult” offering to other mainstream animated cartoons, and the full-length trailer was successfully funded by “Brony-Backers” through Kickstarter in 2015 and the comic book in 2016. At the “Midnight Mares” booth, C. Allan Gann will be signing autographs and his team will be selling limited edition collectible plush and resin toys, as well as selling the first comic book issue!

His daytime job involves running “Gann Memorials Custom Plush Toys”, which has previously manufactured 4DE’s “My Little Pony” toys, along with mascot plushies for BronyCon, Ponycon NYC, BABSCon, TrotCon, Super Speedy Cider Con, BronyCAN, UK Ponycon, and our very own 2017 Everfree Northwest collectible plushies!

C. Allan will be moderating a Midnight Mares panel (with new animation and comic book discussion) along with a separate custom toy-making panel!

The first 50 panel attendees will receive an exclusive free gift!