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Press Policies

An Everfree Northwest Press Badge grants a base attendee level of access to Everfree Northwest, including the venue, events, and programming of Everfree Northwest. A Press Badge holder also has the privilege of requesting interviews with attendees, staff, community guests, and Guests of Honor with the subject’s consent, and will have access to a press-only interview room. Requests for access to areas not accessible to base level attendees can be granted on a case by case basis with a request to the EFNW PR team. If access is granted, a member of the EFNW PR team or Royal Guard team must provide an escort. Permission must be granted if you wish to record or stream any event or panel. Requests can be submitted to

One Press Badge shall be issued per journalist attending Everfree Northwest with a limit of 5 Press Badges per Organization. To request more Press Badges, please email

All members of the Press are expected to uphold high standards of conduct and safety throughout and following Everfree Northwest. Press are expected not to interfere with nor obstruct the coverage of other members of the Press, to properly maintain any cables or equipment that cross public walkways, and to operate in the best interests of attendee safety and comfort. The publishing of libelous, false, or misleading information or the harassment of Everfree Northwest guests, attendees, and/or staff will result in the removal of press privileges.

Everfree Northwest reserves the right to limit or prevent certain elements of the recording of the event from being broadcast, streamed, or re-broadcast, if the material in question:

  • Would conflict with an existing legal agreement.
  • Was requested directly by the subject(s) of the recording to not be captured or streamed.
  • Poses a significant reputational, financial, or emotional risk to the Organization or subject(s) of the recording.
  • The recording or rebroadcast of said content would violate local, state, or federal laws or guidelines.

Everfree Northwest shall provide an exclusive Press-only interview room. A member of the EFNW PR team must be present in the room during all Guest of Honor interviews. This room may be used to interview Guests of Honor, Community Guests, attendees, and/or EFNW staff. If you have a prior arrangement to interview one of our Guests, please inform us when you arrive.

Everfree Northwest shall offer open communications with the EFNW PR team both before, during, and after the convention. Issues may be communicated to the EFNW PR team before and after Everfree Northwest using the email During Everfree Northwest, Press may go to the Convention Operations room and request to speak with a member of the EFNW PR team. At least one EFNW PR team lead will be accessible to Press at all times during Everfree Northwest.

If any of the policies listed herein are violated, Everfree Northwest reserves the right to suspend a Press Badge. A normal Attendee Badge will be issued in its place. As per our normal policies, if a violation is serious enough, the person may be asked to leave the premises.

The policies listed herein are subject to change. If a significant change occurs in our Press Badge Policies, all reasonable attempts to contact Press Badge holders will be made.