Community Guests


Samantha, or JadedJynx as most know her by, has been a part of the fandom since 2013 and began drawing pony art shortly after. Her art includes a variety of styles, stand-alone images and an ongoing MLP fan comic series titled, My Little Sterelis.

Not only has she produced art for herself but she is also creating art for many conventions alongside Everfree Northwest such as PonyconNYC, BronyCon, MLP-MSP and Nightmare Nights! This year for EverfreeNW she has produced various art for the conbook as well as two CMC and friends prints that she’ll be selling at her booth to commemorate the VAs for Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara and Babs Seed that will all be attending the convention this year!

For more of her art you can check her out at, or if you are attending EverfreeNW in May, get an up-close and personal look at her products in the vendor hall at booth #47!


Adamtheamazing64 is a SFM-Ponies Youtube animator, heavily focused on shot development and character animation.

Working with many other popular content creators in the SFM-Ponies group, he strives towards showcasing comedic shorts to entertain the masses.

Some of his most popular works are [SFM Ponies]: Bacon Pancakes, [SFM Ponies]: For The Longest Time, [SFM Ponies]: Five Nights at Pinkies 1 & 2, and his recent footsteps into the Undertale community, A Stroll Through Temmie Village!


C. Allan Gann

The Midnight Mares creator C. Allan Gann developed this series as a “young adult” offering to other mainstream animated cartoons, and the full-length trailer was successfully funded by “Brony-Backers” through Kickstarter last summer. At the “Midnight Mares” booth, C. Allan Gann will be signing autographs and his team will be selling limited edition collectible toys.

His daytime job involves running “Gann Memorials Custom Plush Toys”, which has previously manufactured 4DE’s “My Little Pony” toys, along with mascot plushies for BronyCon, Ponycon NYC, BABSCon, TrotCon, Super Speedy Cider Con, BronyCAN, UK Ponycon, and our very own 2016 Everfree Northwest!

C. Allan will be moderating a Midnight Mares panel (with new animation) along with a custom toy-making panel! Recently, Midnight Mares partnered with FluffyMixer of “Fluffle Puff” fame and will be showcasing a crossover animation short clip, along with a special free gift just for panel attendees! Be sure to catch both events!


Magpiepony has tried her hoof in several aspects of the fandom from writing and directing her own pony productions to voice acting and editing. On top of collaborations with Pegasus Pitch, she runs two major projects “Princess Trixie Sparkle” and “Pinkie Tales” on her YouTube channel. Collectively, Magpiepony’s work has garnered over 160 million views and 150,000 subscribers spanning her two channels “Magpiepony” and “Pitch and Magpie Productions.” She is also known for her fan work voicing Pinkie Pie and ponified song parodies.


TheLostNarrator is a YouTuber known for her fanfic reading productions, and specializing in the field of horror and grimdark. She has worked with dozens of YouTube personalities to create full-casted readings of stories in addition to voicing Rainbow Dash and Applejack in several fan projects. Her voice work has been featured in several fandom animations and projects from “A Colt Classic” to “Pinkie Tales.” Though she dwells in darker stories she is no stranger to comedy as her hilarious blooper reels have had fandom-wide acclaim.

Titanium Dragon

The fact that TD came up with his screen name when he was eight years old while designing D&D monsters – and came up with it on the basis of titanium being a far stronger metal than gold – probably says a lot about the kind of person that he is. As a lifelong nerd, he capped it all off by studying biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University because studying everything wasn’t an option. Since then, he has worked in several quality control labs, as well as spent a brief stint as an independent game designer.

He got sucked into the pony fandom in 2013 and finished binge-watching the first three seasons just in time to get in arguments about how awesome Twilight becoming an alicorn was and how much Applejack and Rarity need to kiss. Since then, he has been drawn into the fanfiction community, and despite his initial resistance to writing fanfiction, has written over 30 stories, the most famous likely being two stories centered around the relationship between Twilight and Celestia – The Stars Ascendant and Forever and Again and Again – as well as the popular comedy Dying To Get There and The Collected Poems of Maud Pie.

As an active reviewer, he has reviewed over 700 stories, and looks forward to reading the next 1,873 stories on his read later list – not to mention all the stories in this year’s Scribblefest.


Entering the fandom around the middle of Season 2, BronyWriter began writing decidedly mediocre stories a few months after the Season 2 finale. His first big hit came when he began writing the Non-Bronyverse starring the snarcastic TD Powell as the man trying to get out of Equestria. He has since written a few other popular fics such as Princess Celestia Gets Mugged, Mortality, The Trials of Elizabeak the Brave Little Chicken, The Secret Life of Rarity, and the 2014 Everfree Northwest writing contest winner: Broken Gladiator.

When not working, BronyWriter is working at different places (most recently as a fry cook) gearing up for one last semester of college before graduating with a history bachelors, and two minors in sociology and film. Most importantly, though, he is preparing for his upcoming marriage to his high school sweetheart. With over 70 stories on FimFiction, BronyWriter wonders how his life got to this point. He still finds time to write whenever he can, and wouldn’t trade the experiences it has brought him for anything.


CouchCrusader (just Couch if you wanna, it’s cool) joined Equestria Daily in 2011 and makes most of his contributions writing episode follow-ups and convention coverage pieces he hopes the readers find worth their time. When he doesn’t (or they don’t), he doodles ponies as monsters and sends ’em up as updates to his Tumblr askblog, Children of Everfree.

Couch also enjoys eating, [dragon noises], not getting enough sleep, leaving games unplayed in his Steam library, and, very recently, buying back into Magic: the Gathering. He also hopes to see you at the con!

Buck: Legacy

Buck: Legacy is a pony dungeon crawling fantasy roleplaying card game for 2-6 players. It’s an addictive card game that pits players against randomly generated dungeons filled with ferocious monsters. Create a character from 3 pony races and 10 fantasy classes, with vast weapon, armour and equipment customisation.

Be sure to catch a demo in the tabletop gaming room and attend their game development panel to learn more about the process that goes into making the game so amazing!


Makers of the critically acclaimed adaptation for ponies into the tabletop setting, using the Pathfinder Roleplaying System, David Silver of Silver Games LLC takes great pride and joy in crafting a unique world for technicolor ponies to survive, thrive, and adventure. Though sharing some queues from the show, the product stands on its own hooves and has become a mythos all its own.

Pen Stroke

Pen Stroke is a long standing member of the fandom. Coming into the fold during Season 1, My Little Pony helped rekindle an enjoyment for writing, particularly of fan-fiction, that had gone rather dormant during the his years at university. He brought his first story to the fandom in Spring of 2011, and in the five years since has created over two dozen stories equaling approximately nine hundred thousand words. Though, you may simply know him best as the author of Past Sins, his most famous work.

He’s been a long time attendee of Everfree NW, and has gladly contributed to the convention almost every year. He’s been a member of the Iron Author judging team most if not every time, and he’s been a common face on the convention’s writing panel track. He continues that tradition this year, and hopes that he’ll be able to help make the convention special for everyone.

Loz Link

Loz Link fell into bronyness when he and his sister were kids. Being first introduced to the cartoon and then the Movie with Danny, Megan, Molly, Gusty (his favorite pony), Spike, and the Smooze. he still has and plays with a lot of his ponys from the 1980’s with one or two of their outfits and shoes, tho he no longer has the castle or the stable!

In 2013 Loz attended his first Everfree as not just a brony but a media journalist for Optimus Reports, tho Optimus Reports is no longer in existence, Loz still continues his journalist adventures thru Hey…..Link! Convention Press with a heart!

Loz was blown away by the love and acceptance the brony community continually offers. Loz can be seen galloping around in cosplay as a pony version of link to the past-ure, the goblin king Jareth pony, acorna the unicorn, the original brony Danny, and Spike the Dragon!

This year due to the passing of David Bowie, Loz will be out and about as Jareth the Goblin King in tribute. And will be on the lookout for crystal ball cutie marks.

The Paper Pony

The Paper Pony are a husband and wife duo that combine their love for fandoms with their passion for creating 3D art out of cardstock paper. Having been a part of the MLP con scene since 2013, they are excited to be returning to Everfree NW for a second year. In addition to finding them in the vendor hall all three days of the con, you can also look for them at their shadowbox building workshops where they share their love for creation or see some of their work in the charity auction. When they aren’t buried up to their elbows in paper or snuggling on the couch to catch the latest episode of MLP, they enjoy escape rooms, great food and hanging out with the friends they made through the MLP community.


ILoveKimPossibleAlot (KP) is a YouTube critic, entertainer, and analyst in the Brony community. Don’t let the username fool you, she packs a punch with her content! KP is known for being a funny, lively personality that takes analyzing and talking about character troupes to a fun extreme. She is most well recognized for her tribute to Discord’s voice actor John de Lancie with her video “Let’s Go and Meet John de Lancie“. With over 100,000 subscribers, she is known for her humor, her wit, her movie referencing power and being the #1 Discord fangirl on the interwebs!

KP has always had a knack for reviewing and analyzing, and a general interest in understanding why people are drawn to media. She’s especially drawn to animation shows, and you can see what led her on the path for loving the horse fandom. KP joined the fandom mid-season 3 officially, and unofficially since mid-season 2. What pushed her to get involved and to later make content is her fascination and interest in the character of Discord. Once she found herself passionate about analyzing him, the rest fell into place, and she started making content. Her channel produces a range of short analyzing spotlights, podcasts, reviews, and animations.

She is also an interesting case, because unlike some, KP has a production team that helps her continually produce content while still being a full time student. You can find more about that by checking out some of her panels!

KP is currently in her last year of her Bachelor’s degree in film, and plans to pursue her masters in animation.


Who is this goofball? And why can’t people stop staring at that mustache?

Dusty’s life is a manly checklist. He’s the son of an auto worker (have you driven a Ford lately?), high school and college athlete (baseball, football), former bodyguard and ranch hand, trained Big Time wrestler, and Harley mechanic whose custom motorcycles have appeared on the cover of “Easyriders”. A pessimist would say “he can’t make up his mind”; an optimist would say “no single career is big enough for his mustache”.

And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the Manliest Brony in the World?

What’s with that? Well, aside from making him grin like someone who just found a twenty dollar bill in his underwear, it’s given him a chance to do what he does best: ham it up. Dusty is known primarily for his livestreamed podcast “Stay Brony My Friends”, his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. Dusty fearlessly treads upon the crushed skulls of YouTube trolls and hack journalists as he destroys stereotypes. What he is most proud of, though, is his fans. The finest bronies in the world (his audience… that includes YOU, right?) have come together to raise over 40,000 dollars for a variety of charities. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers, thus explaining why you can see his ugly mug and manly mustache plastered all over movie theaters.

Do you think he’s crazy? One look at those tattoos and you know the answer is “yes”. But it’s good-crazy. Come join him at, because crazy is always entertaining.

Stay brony, my friends.


Greetings and Welcome Everyone. I am DRWolf, and for the past three years I’ve been creating Review/Dramatic Reading/Crossover Parody videos on Youtube and making the Brony Fandom an even more welcoming environment in my own small ways. I look forward to meeting you at Everfree Northwest in 2016.


Josh Scorcher aka “The Fiery Joker”


Introduced to Friendship is Magic during his time in the Marine Corps, Josh Scorcher is one of the founding members of military brony group FOB Equestria. Currently the most subscribed Brony Reviewer, He makes episode reviews on his own channel, poking fun at the show in an over-the-top cartoony manner and contributes (slightly) more serious analysis on his series “Taking Too Seriously” on the FOB’s channel, and is one of the writers for the TF2 Analysis Anarchy series.


Silver Quill

Several years ago, Silver Quill saw a comic on Red vs Blue featuring rainbow-named pony. Online reference after reference followed, until he decided to check out the show himself. By season 2’s end, he was hooked, drawing comics and gaining a reputation for both humor and emotional impact. By the start of season 4, Silver decided to enter the digital realm of online reviews. His hippogriff self offers insights into episodes, characters, and themes through satire reviews where he tends to both frustrate the canon cast and suffer gross bodily harm.

But it’s all in good fun, and Silver smiles through it all (except when paying the medical bill). Silver is in awe of the support from the fandom and is proud to be a member of the community.


Ink Rose

Ink Rose is an artist, writer, and voice actress in the brony fandom, well known for her headcanon backstory series she created on YouTube. With almost 100,000 subscribers, she is one of the most popular brony YouTubers. On the artistic side of things, she is an avid digital illustrator, working heavily with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. She loves attending conventions where she showcases her work. She feels seeing people’s reactions to her creations is one of the best parts of being an artist. In terms of voice acting, she has performed in multiple fan dubs of comics and video games, including her comic series, Ladies’ Man Link.

Currently, she is working on her original story “Dragon Queen”, and hopes to publish it as a novel sometime in the future. Her goal is to become a professional writer, and a concept artist.


The Illustrious Q

After joining the fandom in March of 2011—and watching Over a Barrel as his first brand new episode—The Illustrious Q was a fairly quiet member of the Brony fandom willing to just enjoy the show and let other more interested/energetic people make their mark in the fandom.

Then the IDW Comic series was announced in July in 2012, and that completely changed. Absorbing any and all pieces of information about the comic series—in addition to buying everything related to that series in sight—The Illustrious Q quickly became one of the fandoms experts on the My Little Pony Comic world. Once he had started interviewing and submitting interviews of the IDW staff to Equestria Daily, it wasn’t long before he was invited aboard as their Comic Expert.

His passion lies in the comic industry, which he one day hopes on breaking into as a comic writer. Will that dream come true? Only time will tell.


Calpain is the secondary admin on Equestria Daily, handling comics, discussions, compilations, and spotlights just to name a few. He is also the creator of the Steven Universe site Beach City Bugle and is an editor for projects ranging from JJ’s Hunter’s of Salamanstra to a variety of community artists and animators.

Known as the science pony, he has a Bachelors and Masters in Biology with two years PhD experience focusing on Neuroscience and is currently working to become a teacher.

The Selfie Pony

Selfie Snapshots, aka The Selfie Pony, is the community’s Official Princess of Selfies (Larson Approved). Better known as that one brony who goes around the con taking hundreds of selfies. Selfie is back at her home con of Everfree Northwest, on her latest “Selfie Quest”, to capture the fun in hundreds and hundreds of selfies.

Selfie also likes to record these Selfie Quests in a First Person con vlog called Snapshot News, which will be on Youtube post-con (after hours and hours of editing).

If you find Selfie wandering around the con obtaining selfies, don’t be shy. Everypony is welcome to help with the Everfree Northwest Selfie Quest, and everypony who helps gets a “Selfie Card” with their Selfie Number so they can find it online via Twitter, @TheSelfiePony.

Art Drawn by the lovely and talented Star☆Sketcher


While excellent craftsmanship isn’t all that rare in the brony community, SilverSlinger has some impressive skills that set him apart from the rest. Rather than using paper, fabric, or clay, he performs intricate work with various metals and creates absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry!

Born into the trade, SilverSlinger has been around the art of jewelry design since childhood. Around the age of 15 he was taught the basics of crafting and repairing jewelry by his father (Alias: GoldSlinger). From there, he’s developed a unique style of metalworking that’s all his own! SilverSlinger became a brony back in February of 2012, under the alias of ChaoticBrony. After seeing how much My Little Pony has inspired so many to create such beautiful works of art, he decided that he too wanted to contribute to the brony fandom. Therefore, he combined his love of My Little Pony with his 10 years of jewelry designing experience and has made many beautiful designs that are worn by thousands of bronies worldwide.

Igor Bass

As a fan of the show since late 2011, Igor has two long term goals in the fandom. The first is to create fashionable formal-wear accessories with which to allow ponies to be brought into nearly any working environment, and to ever so slowly elevate the fashion of the fandom at large. This may be a slow process, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one.

The second is, accepting the inevitable AI singularity and our eventual cybernetic overlords, to help make sure that there is pony present there as well. To this end, he has built a virtual reality simulation of Ponyville, with close to a hundred AI ponies, and a slowly expanding series of quests. A demo of this fledgling virtual world will be running at his vendor hall table via an Oculus Rift and the magic that is modern technology. Donning the headset it is possible for anyone to temporarily abandon their current existence and take on the form of a diminutive equine avatar.

Foal Papers

Foal Papers is generally recognized as a fairly unremarkable example of Homo sapiens sapiens, though rigorous scientific testing has yet to rule out the distinct possibility that he actually belongs to a subspecies of giant sloth. He enjoys tea and classical mythology, and dislikes writing about himself in the third person. Accordingly, he enlisted the help of his Twitter followers to write this bio, thereby discovering that he is considered to be, among other things: “a wonderful Pony Princess with pretty wings”; “standing right behind you, judging your grammar”; “scarily British, Britishly scary, Scitishly Beary”; “thirty-seven ferrets in a trench coat”; “a snooty pseudo-intellectual with rock-hard abs”; “neither animal, vegetable, nor mineral”; “unable to be properly summed up in words that can be broadcast before the watershed”; “a sentient Jaffa Cake trying to learn the human ways, and doing a quite decent job at it”; “the river Temarc in winter”; “somepony you should always blame”; “turtles all the way down”; and his personal favorite:

“A small chalet in the Austrian Alps offering unrivaled views of the Halleranger Alm.”

Given the unerring accuracy of all information reported on the Internet, these details should be considered both factual and beyond contestation.

His depiction here was drawn from life by Cat Whitney.

Spike Firemane

Ed “Spike Firemane” Goodwin is a Long Island woodcarver going on eight years, three of which have focused on carving ponies for the voice actors, show staff, and for charity.

His carvings have raised over $9,000 for various charities, and his work has been featured on Equestria Daily!


ACRaceBest is a Mechanical Engineer best known for his Youtube series “Bronies React.” He specializes in destroying cars, trying to be funny, and forgetting what day it is. With an accumulated 18 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, convention vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues.


Saberspark is a YouTuber with a bad case of A.D.D. From documentaries to comedy skits, this guy can never stay in the same place for too long and is always on the move with random ideas. Saber is also a frequent guest on ACRacebest’s series “Bronies React.” He is also hot and can bench press 500 pounds.